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It is that time of the year for various DJs around the world, when all their toil and hard work throughout the music season finally pays off.  The DJ MAG Top 100 is easily one of the most sought after recognition any DJ would more than love to have under their name and like its previous editions, the build up to the event sees some really creative campaigning ads, graphics, and videos released by several artists requesting their fans to vote for them and take them closer to that much coveted number one spot in the DJ MAG 100. So let us have a glimpse at some of the campaigning videos and graphics released so far by 5 various DJs:


(Note: Grapevine is in no way promoting any of these 5 artists in particular)






The Dutch artist comes up with some of the most creative ways to gain votes and not just by uploading a video or a simple photo, he gives his fans some pretty entertaining ways to vote. Last year he came up with the #CallNicky and this year round it’s the rather addictive game #PlayNicky. On clicking the link, the user is directed to a page where they get to play a game which brings back memories of the Mario days. It’s a humorous and well thought of campaigning strategy by the Nicky Romero team and thumbs up for that.





The Duo, consisting of Italian producers Andrea and Alessandro Vinai, was formed back in 2011 and after releasing some top tracks like Raveology and How we party they got their big break last year after making it to the 62 spot in the DJ Mag 100 . This year they are surely looking to up their game and get to the spot they can with all the support they can possibly get. So check out their video and decide whether VINAI rose to your expectations this year.





Yet another DJ duo, consisting of Tim Benjamin Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar, who rocked the year with some of the sickest tunes like No Heroes, Rage and Arsonist truly gave their fans more than what they could have asked for. Their campaigning video includes two youngsters dancing to their hearts content to a mashup of the tunes of FIREBEATZ will surely leave you grooving as well. Do have a look.






This dramatic duo needs no introduction whatsoever. They have been topping the charts in the past few years and headlining top festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra not just because of their brilliant music but also their knack of interacting with their fans and making them wanting for more. Here is their personal message to the fans in India where they even mention that they have a surprise in store for us. So fingers crossed for great news from the duo.




Our list is in no way complete without including out home born talent, DJ SHAAN. Easily one of the most popular DJs in the Indian sector and has made quite a name for himself internationally as well after becoming Indias first ever DJ to perform in Tomorrow Land. In the past year he has even gone on to produce some top class music which makes him a worthy contender to make among the top 100 DJs. In his heart-warming campaigning video he thanks his fans and promises them that brighter days are ahead for EDM in India.



Well that wraps up with the list of 5 campaigning ads for the DJ MAG TOP 100 that stood out for us this year. But there are several other DJs out there, each of whom have put in a lot of effort and Grapevine urges all EDM fans and fellow DJs to go out there and vote for those artists who they truly deserve a position in the most popular competition in the EDM industry, the DJ Mag 2015.


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