Best Twitter Wars That DON'T Involve Deadmau5

Posted at April 7th, 2016 | by Sidhantha Jain | in

140 characters on Twitter are enough to supply followers with latest happenings, news, music, more stuff and…. Pissing off other people! Previously we brought to you Deadmau5’s 10 Most Epic Twitter Wars and now we’ve compiled a list of Twitter beefs NOT involving Joel Zimmerman!
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Diplo VS. Zedd

Who knew a happy song about things that melt in your hands would cause such a mess!

Nicky Romero VS. Hardwell

8 bit wars!

SHM VS. Hardwell

(We were unable to trace all the tweets)

It all started when Eric Prydz wrote: “If you “like” my Facebook Fan page then @Axwell & @SebIngrosso will come and play for free in your living room.” And immediately Sebastian Ingrosso wrote to Hardwell:“Giving away our music in mash ups for Facebook likes @HARDWELL that’s the lowest I’ve seen!!!”
Hardwell replied to Ingrosso: “Sincerely apologize for that. It were some old bootlegs, thought would be fun sharing them! Will take them offline asap.”
Then Axwell joined the conversation: “Im gonna give away Hardwell tracks for free if you like me on Facebook ??? Am i a pornsite or? It’s very simple – if you love music – don’t show it by giving away other peoples music in return for Facebook likes. That’s wrong in all books.”
Hardwell defended himself: “It’s all about the love for music, that’s the only thing that matters!”
The conflict was solved. The bootlegs were removed from free downloading, but many DJs and twitter followers continued to discuss who’s right and who’s wrong. Kaskade tweeted his thoughts about this case:
Kaskade: “Just seeing this conversation between @HARDWELL @SebIngrosso @ericprydz @Axwell about giving away mash ups and boots. Interesting stuff. I have a lot of respect for all these guys and play the crap out of their records. …so here is my take on it. Typically when I make a mash up I use one of my songs vocals and lay it over another song. Sounding more like a new mix than a mash up. it is the essence of dj’ing (in my mind) taking 2 things, putting them together to make a NEW thing. Example: “Stars Troll”. This tune works, it just does. If it had not come out commercially you would not have been able to hear it except to go see my show and if that is the only place you could have heard this, that would have been a shame. Sooooooo. After many of my mash ups have been rinsed out by me in my shows and the track that the vocal is laid on top has done it’s thing then I feel fine to post it and give it out for free. BUT I never ask for “likes” or any of this business I just want this “new thing” to be heard by people other than the handful that checked it out live. Other dj’s want to play it. And it can’t be made or purchased so… I put it up on sound cloud and let people have it. I don’t feel that this disrespects the original of either song as typically they are old. This gives these songs new life – a new mix – a new coat of paint if you will. so that is pretty much it. Now i am sure that this will be confused and I will be misunderstood and maybe even hated but this is how I feel, but I can tell you this for sure, people do not like this. when I post one of my mash ups soundcloud spanks me and takes it down quickly. Usually at the request of the artist that I am mashing stuff up with. which is cool, you don’t want it up. I take it down. all good by me. your loss. cause if I had the nuts to put it up, it must slap.”
Hardwell replied: “@kaskade I agree with you. To make everything clear, I didn’t ask for likes. I uploaded the bootlegs to celebrate 300k likes, that’s it.”
NERVO: “@HARDWELL it’s a harmless mistake babe-dont worry yourself.@ the end of the day youve always shared ur music w fans which is what it’s about”
Chocolate Puma: “If @HARDWELL wants to bootleg our tracks he’s very welcome. if we’re lucky it might even end up in the uk chart like show me love ;-))”

Calvin Harris VS. Zayn Malik

Okay.. Too many knickers to follow.

Borgore VS. Bassnectar


Diplo VS. Lorde

Little Something?

Wolfgang Gartner VS. Martin Solveig

Too much of Paisa Paisa?

Zedd VS. A lot of DJs

Cute toh hai Selena Gomez.. :p

Sidhantha Jain

I love EDM, it loves me back. It pays for my food bills.


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