Artists Who Are Banned In Different Countries For Weird Reasons

Posted at July 10th, 2016 | by Sidhantha Jain | in

India isn’t the only country in the world with strict censorship control over almost everything. There are a few places where our beloved artists aren’t welcomed with open arms and today, we’re counting down ten such artists who cannot access certain parts of the globe without breaking the law!

Snoop Dogg

Dogg has been denied entry in different countries on multiple occasions. In 2006, he was arrested at the Heathrow Airport after he and his entourage vandalized a shop, following members of his crew being denied access to the first class lounge. In May of the same year, he wasn’t given permission to enter the United Kingdom and Snoop’s visa application was also rejected in 2007! He was also banned from Australia in 2007 because of his previous criminal convictions and in 2012, Snoop was refused from entering Norway for two years due to possession of marijuana!

Bob Dylan

In 2010, Dylan was denied permission by the Chinese authorities to perform in Beijing and Shanghai due to his songs talking about social protest and revolution.


The queen of pop Madonna wasn’t allowed to enter Egypt in 2004, as she had previously visited Israel for her trip to The Holy Land and her devotion to Kabbalah!


Canada had banned 50 Cent in 2005 over fears his lyrics and “lifestyle” would promote a gangsta behaviour and violence in the mellow nation.

The Beatles

The Beatles were turned down a free access to Israel in 1964 with a belief that the super group would have a negative influence on the country’s youth!

Miley Cryus

Looks like the Chinese aren’t fond of “Hannah Montana” as Miley was disallowed in the country after she was caught making a distasteful, stereotypical slanted eyes face in a photo.

Lady Gaga

The eccentric dresser wasn’t allowed to perform in Indonesia on the grounds that her “sexy clothes” and dance moves would corrupt the nation’s youth!

Chris Brown

Brown and controversies go hand in hand and as a result of his actions the Home Office has restricted his entry on the British soil after he was convicted for his infamous assault on Rihanna in 2009!

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez got into trouble for getting friendly with the Dalai Lama after she uploaded a picture on instagram with the caption “Words of wisdom. #speechless.” The Chinese government banned her from the country, forcing her to cancel two dates in Shanghai and Guangzhou!

Amy Winehouse

Initially in 2007 and then in 2009, the British legend was restricted from entering the USA! First ban following the controversy related to drug possession and the other for drug convictions and assault.

Sidhantha Jain

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