An Interview with Shubhra Bharadwaj, the Woman Behind DLDK India

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Shubhra Bhardwaj is the Founder and Creative Director, Ferriswheel Entertainment & Partner for Don’t Let Daddy Know (DLDK) India. She very recently wrapped up Festa De Diu, currently executing DLDK – Don’t Let Daddy Know, has taken the world by storm, staging events in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Manchester, Chile, Belgium, England, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Istanbul as well as hosting their own stage at Ziggo Dome, Mysteryland and Creamfields Festival. The world’s biggest party is all set to continue its world domination and will be setting foot on Indian shores with their epic homegrown version of the one night dance music concept. Grapevine Online had a candid conversation with this brilliant woman and what’s in store for us!


GVO: How did you end up getting DLDK, such a massive festival, to India?
SB: The idea sprung when Ferriswheel decided to make its foray into the dance music arena that is now a burgeoning and booming scene globally and most notably in the Indian market. There is a clear need in the market to bring down and curate International experiences and what better than a unique worldwide known party concept that of Don’t Let Daddy Know!

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GVO: Why choose Mumbai as the location?

SB: Mumbai for us happens to be our HQ and home and we decided its best to start from home. Besides, this is DLDK’s first outing and we are going to be travelling across the country sooner than you know it!


GVO: What can we expect in terms of the line-up for DLDK?
SB: What you can expect as a fan is a line-up that is well curated, has acts that the country hasn’t seen or hasn’t seen in a long time! Talents that need to be put out there, music that needs to be heard by the fans and some really great artists that are well put together into a single night and a single experience!

GVO: Why DLDK, as opposed to other big International Festival Brands?
SB: DLDK as a brand has picked up in less than 3 years and risen to the level and is now at par with some of the biggest global properties and there is a reason for that- it’s unique, it’s different! It puts together an entire experience for the fan- whether it’s the choice of venue, the music, the line-up, choice of artists, the quality of production. We’ve attended DLDK shows and have come back with an entire experience that we won’t forget and it only seems fair to bring such a unique experience to the Indian dance music fan base!

GVO: Festa De Diu was a success in terms of promoting tourism in Diu. What challenges did you face? Do you think you’ll face similar issues with DLDK?
SB: The crucial areas of concern for Festa De Diu were that God forbid if we were to have our equipment go bad, we were on an island and we would have had issues with replacements. We had to be very careful about planning our technical’s and production accordingly with back – ups and preparations. Our artists sometimes had to be brought in earlier because of the limitations in terms of flights and travel.  I would give all the credit to the artist that extended themselves; for example Talat Aziz travelled all night after his concert to able to take his flight from Rajkot. So there were challenges on all sides and we managed them effortlessly and seamlessly thanks to the war strong crew that we are.
DLDK though is a very different concept from Festa De Diu. It’s a success story already and has been built into a strong brand. There is no newness about it in terms of establishing how successful it has been in the past. It’s a one day dance party concept as you already know. It’s a concept experience in a city like Mumbai with great infrastructure. We are not in competition with anyone. The kind of numbers we have in terms of ticket sales and the number of people who have been attending in the past internationally, it looks pretty achievable.
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Festa De Diu, Diu

GVO: Will DLDK become a recurring event in India or is it a one-time thing?

SB: It’s most certainly a recurring event and for a long time. Before you know it, we might just even come to your city!


GVO: What other Music Festivals is Ferriswheel Entertainment planning to bring to India?

SB: Can’t give it away all in one shot, can we? But all we can say is that there is a whole lot that we are bringing to you! Stay tuned!

Shivani Goel

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