Amy Thomson - The Unofficial Fourth Member of Swedish House Mafia

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Swedish House Mafia is….. were a music trio comprising of EDM heavyweights Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso, each of whom is a successful solo brand in themselves. These men today are very different from the ones who first took music as their profession in their 20s, all they cared was about partying every night at the world’s biggest clubs!





Electronic Dance Music right now is much more than just a musical genre, it is a big business, and SHM is one of its most rapid and mysterious success stories. In case you ever wondered what their secret ingredient is, it’s a beautiful lady by the name of Amy Thomson, who managed the boys all throughout and proved to an active contributory to the trio’s phenomenal success!




But who is Amy Thomson?
ATM Artists, a global music management and event production company that handles clients like Axwell / Ingrosso, Dirty South, Afrojack and Alesso was founded in 1999 by Amy Thomson, who in turn commenced her career at the age of 21 with the much celebrated nightclub, Ministry of Sound at London taking charge of being the creative director before joining X Ray Touring, which at the time had clients like Coldplay and Blur.. As an individual she is charged with the music policy, marketing and creative direction of the revolutionary nightlife concept for The Light Group, a Las Vegas club venture created in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil. In 2011 she was hired as a consultant by The Yucaipa Companies for her expert advice on asset purchase and youth oriented marketing strategies.
Amy first met the three childhood friends in 2004, when she reached out to Angello to see if he’d use her music download site, ‘Tracks to Burn,’ to promote releases on his label, Size Records. “She just called me out of the blue,” Angello recalls. “Some British woman raving about some stuff.” Steve then introduced her to Ax and Sebastian, who casually decided to work together.




Why is she on our list of the most influential people in the dance music industry?


Swedish House Mafia’s unofficial fourth member, the 39 year old steered the group’s ship into unprecedented terrain, making history when they sold out Madison Square Garden in less than nine minutes without even producing a gold album! Her guiding philosophy of ‘Think of the fans first, not the VIPs’ helped the Swedes reach the stars in such a short duration, after she realised they’re primarily a live phenomenon. Through her obsessive focus on the festival performances and club gigs, SHM won a devoted fan-base due to her meticulously crafted ideas with their experience in mind; and coded, scavenger hunt-like event reveals that only the committed would follow, she aided in selling out each ‘One Last Tour’ event worldwide in a matter of days! She even rewrote the artist playbook in the process, refusing to release a proper Swedish House Mafia album aside from the 2012 farewell compilation ‘Until One.’
Amy also struck a deal with Absolut Vodka, which included one of the six singles, ‘Greyhound,’ made especially for the brand. Often described as a risk-taker, initially she was afraid no one would come to SHM’s first solo gig, going head-to-head with Ultra Music Festival in a beach-side tent in Miami in 2011 which surprisingly sold 12,500 tickets in moments! Also, she took the unbeaten path by refusing to join the race for exclusive residencies from the biggest talent, or taking the other obvious route of booking affordable unknowns; she built an empire of superstar DJs creating a truly new experience in not only nightlife, but memorable performances. Thomson’s pitch has convinced four very different, well-known DJs to come aboard: Sebastian Ingrosso: one-third of Swedish House Mafia, Zedd: Interscope’s biggest EDM project, trap maven Baauer: who has took over the internet with ‘Harlem Shake;’ and the biggest get of all, Skrillex, who left a lucrative home at the Wynn to try something different!
However, the partnership between Thomson and her star clients did come to a halt for six months when the guys moved across to Three Six Zero, home to Deadmau5 and a Roc Nation affiliate for its powerful L.A. connections, which prompted their moves west. Due to conflicts, the gang reunited in about six months with spectacular results! As mentioned earlier, their farewell tour reaped blockbuster returns without much effort. Additionally, ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ became their biggest hit in the U.S. and also earned them a Grammy nomination!




What do the members of Swedish House Mafia feel about her?
We were playing in Sweden, but no one really gave a fuck,” Sebastian Ingrosso once said, during an interview with ‘inthemix,’ and explained how she acted as a catalyst in their progress equation.
We didn’t think that she was so important until we didn’t have her anymore,” Ingrosso informed Billboard. “It’s like any relationship: You don’t know what you have until you lose it.
She’s the driving force for any of this to ever take place,” Axwell told Billboard. “She was the reason we found ourselves in the studio making One together. She’s definitely an equal member.”
And this is what she had to say on their decision to bid adieu to SHM;
What’s needed. We can chase the dragon of being 21 again, or we can take this journey gracefully. We have three talented individuals with huge careers ahead of them. They need the soul food of doing it alone.”




Amy Thomson’s story is proof, there’s lot that goes behind the curtain but even as hardcore fans we fail to appreciate the efforts of men and women like her. As a token of respect to all those souls who’re responsible for what EDM is today, we’re going put forth some more inspirational stories! Stay tuned.



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