About Us

About Grapevine Online

We like to call ourselves The Grapes who are bad-ass Music Junkies that do everything for the basic love of Music. If you thought Grapevine Online is just one of those portals that’s only talk and no play, then well, you can tell where we’re going with this – we take things to the next level while we talk.

Yes, we’re all for talking, but we’re also taking things to the next level.
We’re also a Digital Media Agency that offers services ranging from Social Media, Creative Designing to Online Event Promotions.

Social Media:

If you’re a musician, own a company, a cafe or even a panda and have no idea (or well, maybe a little idea) how to promote it, we’re the pros you should consider handing it over to.
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube: You name it and we handle it.
All you’ve gotta do is this: sit back and relax. Let the professionals do it the right way!

Creative Designing:

From creating a super cool brand identity to things as mundane as catalogues & emailers, our team does it all.
We’re the all knowing. We’re the almighty.

Online Event Promotions:

Having promoted events for VH1 Supersonic, TATW, Above & Beyond, Dannic, Borgeous, DVBBS, Hardwell & many more, we’ve acquired a knack for touching the nerves of the users in such a way that it connects and stays with them even after they have logged off. So in case you have an event that you want listed, you can contact us and we’ll take it from there!

Give us an email us at info@grapevineonline.in to know more.