A tribute to David Bowie: Fashion through the ages

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Defying age, conformity, and gender norms, David Bowie has been a wondrous chameleon during his 40 plus years in the industry. His fashion switches are so extreme, that if you didn’t know better, you would think his personas are different people. From crazy orange hair, to a clean, formal look, Bowie has experimented with everything he has. Here is an overview of the Bowie personalities through the ages.

Mod Bowie (1962 – 1968)



Then known as David Jones, Bowie was always a trendsetter. He started wearing tapered-leg trousers to school and that style became very popular. He even used food colouring to die his hair, and used to stand out from a young age.

Hippie Bowie (1969 – 1972)


He experimented with flamboyant clothes, like very flared trousers with ruffled blouses and he caused a sensation by wearing a ‘man dress’.

Glam Bowie (1972 – 1974)


Bowie’s most memorable persona has always been Ziggy Stardust. He took inspiration from the most quirky sources like Alice Cooper and Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’. He also incorporated influences from Japanese culture.

Soul Bowie (1974 – 1976)


After playing a roll in the film The Man Who Fell to Earth, he adopted the persona of the Thin White Duke, wearing monochrome outfits with dandy tailoring.

Berlin Bowie (1977 – 1979)


During his days in Berlin, Bowie went underground and kept things relaxed and artless on purpose. He gained a little weight, dressed relatively normally and kept a low profile.

New Romantic Bowie (1980 – 1989)


In the 1980’s Bowie went back to his dressing in whacky outfits. One of his most popular looks was when he portrayed Jareth the Goblin King in the 1986 film Labyrinth.

Tin Machine Bowie (1989 – 1991)

1991 - Tin Machine Ii - Inside 2

Bowie was in a 4 piece band for a while and he wore cleaner outfits to match his band mates. He even grew a moustache.

Electronic Bowie (1992 – 1999)


In the nineties, David Bowie went through another creative turnover as he experimented with drum & bass, and British Jungle.

Neo-Classicist Bowie (1999 – 2012)


Bowie’s sound morphed into a more classic form of rock, and his attire changed to funky, tailored suits.

The Last of Bowie


Turning to a suburban life, Bowie went the family way with Somalian supermodel Iman Abdulmajid and dressed so normally that it’s hard to believe he was once Ziggy Stardust.

Shivani Goel

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