A-trak Talks About 'Real DJing'

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DJing has changed a lot in the last 15-20 years. Before it used to be all vinyl but now it has taken a turn into the world of digital DJing, for better or for worse. Producing chart breaking singles comes first for producers and DJing is somewhat peripheral for DJs these days. Even though they make more bank while DJing than they ever could producing singles.

A-Trak is one of the few DJs left that have been cut from the herd of unscrupulous producers for whom DJing comes secondary. He sat down with Billboard recently and talked about all that is wrong with the DJing world.

“On the production side, I think the tempo’s been broken, in a sense,” he says.  “I think everything was 126 or 128 BPM for many years and now anything goes. And I think the sonics of dance music have kind of infiltrated pop, hip hop and everything else, so EDM isn’t one sound anymore.”

Fool Gold is his record label. It is notorious for supporting ubiquitous genres, A-Trak agrees.

“I never pay attention to genres,” he says. “I sign music to Fool’s Gold regardless of what the genre is. I play records regardless of what the genre is. I just look for shit that I like.”

Dance music is occluded with cookie-cutter tracks and DJ sets where everything is pre-selected. All this has given rise to the possibility of Dance Music being crippled on and doing a complete 180 with where it has reached today.

A-Trak feels that he and all the other DJs out there have the responsibility to educate the audience and cause enough of a stir to keep the fans’ curiousity alive.

“I’ve sort of taken on this role of a mouthpiece for DJing in a sense,” he says. “I really enjoy talking to the younger fans and putting into context what’s going on now. Because I love what’s going on now, and I like to explain the lineage that it comes from. There’s a few projects that it’s a little too early for me to talk on yet but I’ll be getting even more involved with DJing as an art form in itself.”

A-Trak has been time and again, delineated as one of the best DJs to ever touch the decks.

Why tell you, when I could show you.

“I think America kind of discovered festivals in the last couple years and this is the year where the structure was shaken up a bit. Some festivals are gonna survive, some won’t. But it’s amazing to see the touring plot of some of these producer/DJ acts. Even people who are making music that’s more mellow and chill are really building a solid touring career, which is awesome.”

“What else? I don’t know, man. Hoverboards?”

Source: Billboard.com


Yash Vikram Singh


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