8 Ways To Be Your Safest Self At A Music Festival

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For those concert and music festival freaks out there who don’t hesitate from attending every one of the concerts, we know the experience is electrifying. Although, when you are a part of a humongous crowd, you sure ought to be a bit more careful and a bit safer while you rave. Here are 8 tips you would want to keep in mind for such occasions:


1. Ensure you keep your wristbands on at all times




First things first, your wristband is your ticket in and your ticket to safety. No matter how irritating it is, ensure you hang on to it till you exit the festival.


2. Constantly remind yourself of your limits




Now we don’t have to specifically tell you this, do we? Different people have different interests and thresholds, so just stick to your limit. You do that, you are half way through to your safety.


3. Security isn’t always competent




If it isn’t competent, then why do we need Security at all? Well, when you are amidst thousands and you rely on the security to handle everyone’s woes and concerns, they could prove to be inefficient. So we suggest you don’t completely rely on them.


4. Always remain with your troop



If you don’t want to get stuck in such a circumstance, then you better stick with your herd. Plus, it is much safer to hang along with your crowd. If inevitably you have to separate, make sure you have one single place where you can meet them again.


5. A full charged phone is simply essential




Just imagine how you would contact someone in the case of an emergency when your cell phone is out of battery. Always carry a fully charged phone while you are going to a festival and additionally a portable charger could also come by to your help. A phone is a must.


6. Know your drugs




Needless to mention, we strictly urge to avoid the use of substances in a festival or a concert. Drinking and smoking, bleh, you’ll get sober soon enough. We reckon these drugs should be sufficient for you to enjoy well enough. Rest to say, it is your personal choice and if you are still doing them, then be well assured of its origin and ensure you know the people you got it from.


7. Acclimate to your environment



Enjoying a festival or a concert best happens when you know the complete layout of the venue. Get familiarised with the routes in and out of the place and also the shortest way to the lavatory in case of any mishap. Recognise the landmarks and prominent locations inside the venue to guide your friends or to meet up at any point of time.


8.  Carry your supplies


Try carrying in your own bottles of water and other essentials. But most of the festivals and concerts do not permit you to bring along water. In such a case, buy one as soon as you enter the venue. Also ensure you carry few other essentials such as a charger.




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