8 Types Of Pricks You'll Meet At A Music Festival

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If you’ve attended a fair share of music festivals, you might have started recognizing the types of people you’ll meet there. We have previously compiled a list of 11 types of people you’ll meet at a music festival but let’s introduce to you 10 worse kinds of people you’ll meet at a music festival. You can find the kind of these in the middle of a parking lot, standing right next to you at the venue or in the queue and you instantly start to despise them. Beware of the following types:

That Shameless Ogling Guy


It seems like these people pay concert money to come and ogle at all the pretty faces. Beware of them ’cause they won’t back down until they creep you out. Whew! only if there was a filter queue for such people.

Honey Singh Fans


giphy (11)

They park their car next to you.. no problem! Then you hear honey Singh music blasting out of their car and you lose it. Not that you haven’t tried to bear with it in the past concerts but there’s only so much a person can patiently bear.

The Unsuccessful Tinder User


This one has tried and tested Tinder, Truly Madly and every other dating app and could go on giving bad reviews about each of these apps for he hasn’t found the “ONE” ( or second or third date with the “ONE”.) You can usually find him trying too hard to impress a (or couple of) girl/guy.

The Snapchat Reporter


Snapchat is cool but this one knows just how to annoyingly overuse an app. Not only is he/she not enjoying the concert but will make a point to ruin for those around them. This one’s got you covered and quite literally so!

The PDA Couple

giphy (13)

You just cannot escape this one and the saddest thing is they are everywhere. In the queue, in the front row, near the beer stall and they just cannot get enough of each other. And trust us, you are INVISIBLE to them but don’t feel bad ’cause so is the artist playing on the main stage.

The Over Cheerful Girl Group


Screaming is this group’s forte. They meet at the queue, they scream; they enter the venue they scream; waiting for the artist, they scream; artist enters, they scream. In short they create a “Scream fest” at the concert venue and trust me, you wouldn’t wanna be anywhere near them.

Bhangra Enthusiasts


Now the enthusiasm of these people for bhangra will blow your mind. Amazingly, they can pull off the “same bhangra step” for every dance music beat. And they need space so it’s not their fault if you accidentally come in their Bhangra circle. They’ll push you out with the “same bhangra step.”

Naked Wanderer


Six pack or not..these people love to take their shirts off and then they will grind their sweaty torsos against anyone unlucky enough to stand next to them. Ugh!

Smoke Lurker


This one will wait and observe every step of yours and will pop out of nowhere the moment you pull out a smoke. And if you tell them it’s your last smoke, they’ll insist on sharing it. They play it well!



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