8 Indian Bands You Should Know About

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India is not really known for it’s bands around the world, and certainly don’t get the attention they deserve. Indian people might be too obsessed with Bollywood or just feel like western music is so much better. But there are some Indian bands who are great and amazing and certainly better than half of these Bollywood songs which make absolutely no sense. So how many of this bands do you actually know about (which btw you totally should).


1. Indian Ocean


Everyone has heard about this band is certain which started in their IIT Roorkee days. This amazing band is one of he most respected and known band in the country. They also have contributed towards giving soundtrack to two Bollywood movies, Peepli Live and Black Friday.


2. Agnee




Another favourite among many is a indie rock band based in Pune in 2006. It’s genres include, folk, rock, indie-folk, rock-pop and influences from Indian classical music which is really popular among their fans. They are also going to make their Bollywood debut with and upcoming movie.


3. Parikrama




An old time rock and roll band is famous for it’s live performances and their rock opera hit ‘But it rained’, which was released back in 1996. They truly define what ‘not doing this for money’ actually means.


4. Pentagram




Consisting of the hit Bollywood composer- Vishal Dadlani, as the lead vocalist. It started back in 1993, and has contributed enormously towards the independent music scene in India. Their latest album is called ‘BloodyWood’, perhaps an ode to their work which gives them money,eh?


5. Faridkot




A five piece pop rock band that was formed in Delhi in 2008, after being the finalists for the television show Launchpad. They are trying to change the sound and perception of hindi rock and have usually really hooking pop melodies to go along with it. Their song Laila, became very famous and can be heard on Delhi radio stations.


6. Papon and the East India Company




A very popular North East band that specializes in electronic folk fusion and was formed back in 2007. Papon has been featured in a lot of Bollywood like Dum Maaro Dum, Barfi, Madras Café, Satyagrah, among others.


7. Indigo Children





It’s a indie punk rock band that has been making music since they stepped out of school as a three piece band.Known for their well produced and put together compositions. They also go by the name SuperFuzz and won the 2007 edition of the channel V Launchpad. The band is currently working on their debut album.


8. MotherJane




A Chennai based rock band formed in 1996 developed a huge fan following after being featured on channel V and were also voted ‘Band of the Decade’ by Street Journal in 2010.

Kamakshi Bhat


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