8 Game Of Thrones Stars You Didn't Know Had Music Careers

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The ongoing tv series Game Of Thrones is one of the most trending topic over the internet right now. If you’ve followed the series, you might know all the characters by heart. But how well do you know about the people playing these roles. Check out these 8 GOT stars you probably didn’t know had music careers.

Bronn (Jerome Flynn)

Before he was one of Westeros’ finest sellswords, Bronn (Jerome Flynn) was part of an 90s British pop duo Robson & Jerome. Check out their 1995 cover of the Drifters’ ‘Up on the Roof’ below.

Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson)

The leader of the Unsullied Grey Worm produces indie R&B tracks under the name Raleigh Ritchie, a name inspired by Bill Murray and Luke Wilson’s characters from ‘The Royal Tenenbaums.’ He also opened up for George Ezra last year. Check out his track below:

Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon)

One of the most sadistic character of GOT – Roose Bolton’s sadistic bastard son Ramsay – might be unpleasant to watch on screen but his folksy acoustic guitar ballads are quite delightful. The Welsh singer-songwriter has released a number of EPs and a full-length album called “Dinard.”

Melisandre (Carice Van Houten)

When not shooting for GOT, the Dutch actress and singer Carice Van Houten is trying her hand at pop music. She put out her debut album, “See you on the Ice,” in 2012, as well as sang four songs for the soundtrack of Paul Verhoeven’s 2006 film “Black Book,” which she starred in.

Osha (Natalia Tena)

Spunky wildling Osha, check out her eclectic Gypstep (ie. gypsy and dubstep) six-piece band Molotov Jukebox. It is accordion-filled and aggressively funky.

Ilyn Payne (Wilko Johnson)

The royal executioner Ilyn Payne — who is also in Arya’s hitlist – has had one of the most successful music careers of any of the cast. He was the guitarist for the influential ’70s pub rock band Dr. Feelgood.

Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen)

You probably didn’t know this but Alfie is the brother of pop sensation Lily Allen. She even wrote a song named after him, mainly about how he is lazy and smokes too much weed. Check it out:

Hodor (Kristian Nairn)

Best known for his character Hodor in GOt, Kristian Nairn is busy making music when not shooting. The Northern Irish actor keeps touring with his DJ act, Rave of Thrones.

Bonus: Arya Stark has starred in Seafret’s music video of Oceans. Check it out:




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