7 Indian Vocalists That Are The Lives Of Their Bands

Posted at January 25th, 2016 | by Sapta.rishi | in Nightlife

An intelligent music lover will say that the vocal element of any band is not a way of putting words across to the listeners but an instrument on its own. However, vocalists or frontmen are often seen as the ‘face’ of the band with most fans considering them as a representative of the band’s music. Apart from purely instrumental bands, almost all bands feature a vocalist but there are some who possess an unrivalled charisma topped with dollops of talent and showmanship – truly adding a new perspective to the band. Though it is hard to list all of them, here’s a look at some of the best vocalists that are irreplaceable:

Tipriti Kharbangar – Soulmate


A monumental testimony to the musical talent hidden in the North Eastern part of the country, Soulmate has enthralled countless fans around the world with their mix of blues and classic rock. The heart and soul of the band is definitely frontwoman Tipriti ‘Tips’ Kharbangar. Her powerful vocal delivery, dominating onstage presence and humble off-stage demeanour make her one of the most talented female singers in the history of indie music.

Rajeev Talwar– Zero

Back in the 90s when Indian bands were busy playing covers, Zero exploded into the rock scene with some of the best original rock music the country has ever seen. In the center of the quartet was vocalist Rajeev Talwar who delivered consistent performances show after show. Soaring vocals, catchy hooks and an energetic stage banter made Rajeev a key player in paving the road for Zero to become one of the forefathers of original rock music. The rare Zero reunion gig still witnesses packed venues that echo with the crowd cheering and singing along to nostalgia-induced tunes of the past.

Amrit Rao – Live Banned

Live Banned from Bangalore have gained a huge fan base thanks to their incredible takes on popular commercial tracks as well as their wacky original numbers. Vocalist AmritRao with his spiral goggles and kaleidoscopic attire is nothing but a perfect fit for the band. The band aims to give the audience a good time, irrespective of the crowd and Amrit surely lives up to the task of making sure the listeners are on their feet in no time. His fun-loving onstage persona and plethora of vocal styles play a crucial role in Live Banned’s mass appeal.

Shashank Bhatnagar – Undying Inc


Probably the fittest man in the Indian metal scene, Shashank Bhatnagar’s vocal performance is a powerful force to reckon with during Undying Inc.’s live shows. His low guttural growls and banshee-like screams can bludgeon even the toughest of metalheads. Combined with his stage dives, command over the audience and water-spraying antics, Shashank can put many international frontmen to shame. During his brief departure from the band, fans were left baffled as no one could imagine Undying Inc. to be the same without Shashank’s magnanimous and superior growling techniques. Fortunately, he joined the band again and continued to create countless circle pits.

Suraj Mani –Motherjane

Motherjane entered the Indian rock scene with their unique blend of Carnatic rock. Vocalist Suraj Mani’s clean pitch perfect vocals gave the band it needed to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Coupled with guitarist Baiju Dharmajan’s riffs, Suraj is responsible for the band’s award winning music that made them one of the premier rock bands emerging from South India. In fact, it was Suraj himself who pushed the band towards penning down original music instead of playing covers. His departure from the band a few years ago was a heartfelt loss for the band that the fans still haven’t recovered from.

Vinay Venkatesh and Sunnieth Revankar – Bhayanak Maut

Bhayanak Maut’s dual vocal attack is nothing short of an assault on your senses that borders on the overwhelming and the overpowering. Vinay and Sunny are two of the most dynamic metal vocalists in the country with their gut-wrenching growls and breathtaking vocal chemistry. Their complementary singing styles along with lyrical prowess easily make BhayanakMaut one of the best metal bands of India. While Vinay had been playing with the band since quite some time, the induction of Sunny in 2008 added a whole new dimension to the band’s music. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine the band without either of them. And of course, no one can come up with a beard like Vinay’s.

Shantanu Pandit – Run! it’s the Kid


The relatively new kids on the block Run! It’s the Kid is a Delhi-based moody waltz/rock group performing gigs since early 2013. Vocalist/Guitarist Shantanu Pandit has slowly emerged as one powerful young vocalist with such tracks as ‘Forsaken Again’, ‘Wickets for Walls’ and many more. The band’s recently released single ‘Love we are made from Porcelain’ has received much deserved appreciation. Know more about their upcoming single here.





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