7 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Music Festival in the Hills

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Most music festivals are brilliant anytime and anywhere and we’re here to tell you why your next choice for a music festival should be one in the hills. India has a lot of great mountain ranges and hilly areas where music events and festivals have been happening and they have their own niche in the market. Here are some of the many reasons why you should pick one a mountain music festival.

Brilliant Weather

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If you’ve ever gone for a festival in Goa or a similarly warm area, you know how hot and sticky a crowded stage area can get. You never need to worry about feeling hot in the mountains. It will always be perfect for a hot tea or a drink of rum!

Laid Back People


It’s hard to imagine the douche-bag wannabe DJ variety in a snapback and shades chilling with the hippie crowd in the hills. People you find in these festivals are usually way more laid back than the EDM fuelled crowd you see at some of the more popular music festivals.

The Music
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Most mountain music festivals follow a psy-trance lineup as it just seems to go with the mountain feel. Artists from all over the world join in to play at some of the major Indian festivals and since this genre hasn’t accumulated a huge following yet, the scene is not as overcrowded as EDM fests.

Amazing Festival Options


India has a host of festivals that you can pick from. From chill events like the Big Gig Festival in Mussoorie, to the established and loved Parvati Peaking. A new festival that has caught out eye is the Space Trip Festival which will have it’s debut edition in Kasol this year. Happening on the 21st and 22nd of May, the lineup for this insane new event includes artists like LOUD, Major7, X-noiZe, Dirty Saffi and Psymmetrix.

A Perfect Summer Getaway


Most of these festivals usually happen in the summer months when it’s blindingly hot in the central cities and not freezing cold in the mountain destinations. It’s a great break to getaway for a few days into the pleasant hills, although it’s torture to make your way back to the blinding heat after your vacation!

Great Stuff

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The mountains have a lot of attractions in terms of things you can buy. From thick, woollen, hippie style pants, to some special things that mountains are known for *ahem*. You can definitely have a very chill time if this is your scene!

Adventure Sports

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Apart from attending the festival, an added bonus is that you can explore the territory around and pack in some adventure sports. Trekking, river rafting, para gliding, there are a lot of options available in the mountains!




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