7 International Bands That Absolutely HAVE To Come To India

Posted at January 29th, 2015 | by Sapta.rishi | in Nightlife

10 years ago when I was just getting exposed to bands like Korn, Metallica, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Megadeth, I didn’t have the mental strength needed to imagine these childhood heroes playing gigs in my country.  It just didn’t seem possible. 10 years later, not only have all these iconic bands played to packed shows across the country but international bands both mainstream and obscure are now seeing India as a potential ground, in terms of finding hidden talent as well as revenue opportunities. Bollywood continues to dominate the music industry but a large audience now swears by international music. In the past 5 years alone, bands like Metallica, Lamb of God, Mutemath, Textures, Meshuggah, Guns N Roses, Opeth, Hoobastank and Poets of the Fall have played at various venues of the country, some even returning back within a few years. Naturally, the audience too now expects its favourite bands to come down after being teased so much by similar artists. Take a look at the 7 international bands that India loves and deserve to play here:






The granddaddies of rock and roll are still busting out extravagant performances all over the world. Even the most ardent Bollywood fan has a hard time resisting singing along Highway to Hell. Giants like Scorpions, Iron Maiden and Guns N Roses already have graced the Indian shores; it is high time AC/DC does too. The band plans a 2015 tour to support their newly released album and celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary.






Anthrax is the only thrash metal band out of the Big Four that are yet to play here. Its peers Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer have played to thousands of screaming fans who once dreamed of seeing their childhood heroes in front of them. Other thrash acts like Testament, Kreator and Destruction have also played to packed venues. Anthrax’s distinct sound and dynamics make it one of the most unique thrash metal bands to ever exist – a treat India is waiting for.



Pearl Jam


Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is one of those surviving grunge/alternative rock bands that continue to sell out venues and dish out remarkable records every few years. Their longevity and song writing skills have stood the test of time and so have their evergreen tracks. Vocalist Eddie Vedder does share an Indian connection with us, having even sung a Hindi song for the 1995 movie Dead Man Walking. A Pearl Jam gig in India is just waiting to happen and we would love to be a part of their raucous live set.






The thinking man’s metal band, Tool has its share of rabid audience in India as well. Their eclectic style of progressive metal has influenced numerous bands of the country. Tool fans know that their live shows are more of an experience than a music concert and exhibit a sense of grandeur and psychedelia that few bands boast of. With an expected release this year, Tool sure has plenty of reasons to play for us.



Cannibal Corpse



The godfathers of death metal, Cannibal Corpse is responsible for some of the wildest and most intense live shows in the world. Unforgiving mosh pits, bodies flying and broken limbs are a common sight at Cannibal Corpse shows and these guys need to bring that madness to India ASAP. Apart from experiencing their brutal tracks, it will be a treat to watch George Fisher do his famous windmill.






It’s hard to find a music lover who isn’t a fan of British rock band Coldplay. Their sing-along choruses crooned by the charming Chris Martin made the band a household name even in our Bollywood-infested country. Coldplay thrives on mass appeal and their music calls out to a large audience; perfect for organisers. We can’t wait to hear tracks like Yellow, Clocks and Fix You right in front of us.



Linkin Park


Linkin Park

Fans of Linkin Park’s current sound are divided but back in the early 2000s, there was not a single teenager who was not bobbing his head to the band’s nu-metal-heavy rapcore sound. India surely has a huge Linkin Park fan base with many even considering the band to be a gateway genre for heavier styles of music. The band’s catchy tracks echo in the minds of countless Indian fans – just play the first few notes of In The End and you will soon have a riot going on.





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