6 Ways To Promote Your Track For Free

Posted at May 21st, 2016 | by Sarangh | in

Every day there are an ample number of artists rising in the electronic dance music scene, releasing their EPs and singles, trying to grab the attention of the most popular music labels in the circuit. But not every day does everyone get a contract offered by some of the top international music labels. Well, fret not. There is more than one way to promote your track and bring it out to your fans and the general audience. We’ve compiled a list of options you could consider to promote your track spending absolutely nothing.

  1. Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube

Well, these websites are the basics. These are some of those sites that a vast community of electronic dance music lovers visit every day. Although, Soundcloud has recently restricted the upload time for each user in order to encourage more artists to join and portray their talent. You can also try out Mixcloud and YouTube for these also prove equally efficient in promoting your track.

  1. Use the power of social media to its fullest

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are extremely powerful tools when it comes to reaching out mass audiences. Ensure you keep your Facebook page always active and do not forget to put up posts about your music periodically. Don’t hesitate, it is not going to charge you anything at all!

  1. Personal relationships

Sometimes, it is not just about promoting your music online. You need to expand your connection and build relationships with different people in the music industry including artists, managers. This would help you in promoting your music as well as getting it into the market. Make sure that you build relationships with your fans as well.

  1. Music Competitions and Demo Submissions

You might have come across several competitions inviting people to upload their music for a chance to be signed to a record label. Well, don’t ignore them. Always try to enroll yourself for such competitions for these might actually get you a contract without you spending a buck on promotions. Apart from these, you could also look into radio demo submissions. If you’re music is good enough, you could possibly land a chance to be featured on a popular radio show reaching thousands of people.

  1. Gigging

It’s always easier to reach out to the local crowd using your gigs. It is very essential for you to perform often as this provides an easy means to promote your new music without any expenditure. You can probably make things more interesting by talking to your manager before hand and do something special when you feature the track in your set.

  1. Give out free copies

Get in touch with a few promoters you know or your friends and give out free copies of your track to them and ask them to promote it for you as good faith. If they notify their friends and other promoters, you could well be in business. And since they are your friends, you can talk them into doing it for you as a favour!



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