5 Reasons why you should not miss Johnnie Walker The Journey

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One of the most sought after festivals, The Journey by Johnnie Walker is headed your way once again and this being the third edition surely promises some huge surprises for its fans.

Since its inception in 2013, the festival has only grown in leaps and bounds over the years and gives its fans a whole new musical experience like no other. The first edition witnessed some rather stellar performances from the like of The Alan Parsons Live Project, a great art show OUROBOROS by The Handspring Puppet Company, cinematic experiences by Shane Carruth, John N Hart Jr and Q and this was followed by another year to remember in 2014 which featured Snarky Puppy, Dislocate, Paul Potts, Bonobo Live making it a perfect blend of theater, art and music. This year, the organizers have definitely upped the ante by promising a truly bigger and better event in all aspects.

So here are some reasons why you definitely should not miss this years edition of The Journey which is set to take place on 12th of December at Mehboob Studio, Bandra.

1.Firstly, keeping in tune with their philosophy of personal progress the organizers this year made sure that the artists roaster for The Journey2015 is truly out of the ordinary. The extraordinary line-up will feature some internationally renowned artists from around the world who are set to perform for the first time in India. So here is a glimpse of what exactly is in store for all you fans who will be attending this extravaganza.

Giorgio Moroder

“My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio.” Remember these line from the ever so famous track Giorgio by Moroder made by Daft Punk which was a monologue on his life ? Well the man himself, Giorgio Moroder is all set showcase his talents at The Journey which is incidentally his first performance in the country. The Italian is truly a legend of sorts and is known to most as the founder of disco, synth-pop and electronic dance music. Over the span of his illustrious career which is still going on till date, he has received several laurels for his work which includes winning the Oscar three times and the Grammy Awards four times among several others. Apart from this the the producer, songwriter and performer, Giorgio also has more than 100 gold and platinum records to his name and has collaborated with several top artists like Skrillex, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Cher, Blondie, Freddie Mercury, Daft Punk and David Bowie and loads more. Catch this legendary music icon perform live at the Mehboob Studio.


American Scott Hansen, known to most as Tycho is one of the front runners of ambient electronic music. Tycho has truly revolutionized the music listening experience by blending the right elements of rock, experimental, countryside, psychedelic and dance music to create one perfect masterpiece. His live shows more over leave the viewers awe struck by providing the best in music and visuals thereby creating a deeply soothing and inspiring atmosphere. Tycho, when he is not performing individually, teams up with three other fellow musicians to perform as a band for live music sessions. Zac Brown on bass guitar, Rory O’Connor at the drums and Joe Davancens with the keyboards and synthesizers. Tycho often plays guitar while triggering samples with his foot. A successful software developer & graphic designer by profession, he soon went on to follow his true passion and set out to make some commendable tracks and soon his third album ‘Dive’ became an instant hit and was voted the third best electronic album of 2011.

Explosions in the Sky

They are an Instrumental Rock band that original went by the name Breaker Morant when they began their journey way back in 1999. The band is a team of 4 consisting of Chris Hrasky, who was the founder of the group and had decided to create a band when he was studying film making and joining forces with him was also aspiring filmmakers, Mark Smith, Michael James and Munaf Rayani. They soon set off to produce foot taping music and went on to gain a huge fan base.The quartets live performances and music consists of  elaborately developed guitar work, narrative styled instrumentals, what they like to call “cathartic mini-symphonies,” and to top it all are their adrenaline pumping and emotional live shows. Their showcase for the film ‘Friday Night Lights’ became such a huge chart buster and was the starting point that took their name to a whole new level. Catch these artists perform live for the first time in India on the 12th of December.


Leo is a one man physical theater actor of sorts who enthralls viewers with his delightfully mind-bending, gravity defying illusions and theater acts. His truly unique performances has earned him a huge fan following in over 40 different countries around the world and several awards in the past.The year 2011 turned out to be great for him and saw his bagging several top awards including the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award. He soon won the John Chataway Innovation Award 2013 for excellence in combining digital technology with an art form, at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. And finally in 2015 he was bestowed with the Grand Prix of Kremnica gags. His performances truly make you see things from a whole different perspective as he quite perfectly mixes absurdist magic with theatrics.

Listen To Me Marlon

The visitors at The Journey 2015 will be a truly privileged lot as they will be the first people in the Indian Subcontinent to witness the screening of the legendary Stevan Riley’s biographical documentary Listen to Me Marlon, which is a wonderful biopic giving us an insight into the life of Hollywood legend Marlon Brando, in his own words. Stevan Riley has made a great name for himself and making hit documentaries is not something new for him. He started off his journey with with his debut documentary ‘Rave Against The Machine’ whuch won him nine international awards. His next film ‘Fire In Babylon’ features as one of the top ten sports films of all times won him the Grierson Award for the Best Historical Documentary. Now his latest work Listen to Me Marlon, has surely enough gained a fair share of appraisal and has gone on to feature at Sundance Film Festival and even Americas oldest running film festival, the San Francisco International Film Festival. The documentary is a masterpiece by Riley where he has made it in such a way that it almost allows the actor to narrate his own story posthumously by using audio recordings from Brando’s personal archives, along with unique cinematic techniques. So make sure you catch the Indian premier of the classic documentary.

2. The Journey by Johnnie Walker is also a place for not just witnessing the acts and performances by various exceptionally skilled and talented artists but also a chance to meet and great them. The festival provides its attendees a chance to engage in conversations with the artists and get a glimpse into their inspirational journeys and things in their lives that made them what they are today. For these artists were chosen keeping in mind that they truly embody the philosophy of personal progress.

3. Another special aspect of this years edition of the festival is that the extremely talented and internationally acclaimed artists would be performing for the first time ever in India and should you make it a point to attend the festival, you will definitely be a privileged individual for getting a chance to witness their breathtaking performances live before your very own eyes.

4. The Festival is also not just restricted to a particular fan base but instead attracts a vast fan following and a rather diverse crowd as it is an amalgamation of music, theater and performing art thereby proving to be an ideal destination to meet and converse with several like minded people from around the world and get an insight into several other art forms and so on.

5. Finally, the one day festival is packed with a whole lot to offer for his attendees and besides the shows and live performances that spread a unique vibe around, the festival will also play host to several interactive workshops too.

So if you are in the city or free to attend on the 12th of December, be sure to book your tickets as soon as possible for this wonderful event like no other. For more event details, you could visit the website here.

Do watch the teaser for this years edition here:



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