5 Mysterious EDM DJs You Probably Didn't Know About

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Electronic music today isn’t just restricted to Soundcloud mixes and live festival performances, it has extended to DJs and their appearance, brand endorsements as well as personal lives. The 24×7 camera flashes and constant bugging from the media has forced a few artists to take on an alternate persona as part of their art in order to avoid being judged and only let their music represent them.


Dr. Lektroluv




Also known as ‘The Man With The Green Mask’, this Belgian came to notice after a series of mix CDs and countless sublime sets and still shows no ounce of his strength diminished. With more than ten years of permanent residence in the highest echelons of the progressive scene, he has redeemed his white doctor’s uniform for a silver tuxedo. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Frankenstein and doesn’t use traditional headphones because he simply can’t, that’s why he listens through a retro phone to cue his songs!  Beyond this and his ability to blend and create electro-gems with some newer more independent releases, not much is known about this mysterious, 6 feet tall EDM-machine! 






Twoloud is the name of a German DJ duo/trio consisting of members Manuel Reuter, Alexander Thomas along with Dennis Nicholls(D-Style). The group was founded in 2013 and is majorly credited with Bigroom house and progressive releases. These guys rose to fame quickly when they delivered their first single “Big Bang” on Musical Freedom in October 2013 which alternates between genres with a progressive house build, a bigroom drop and hints of trance music. The identity of these DJs is still unknown to a lot of people. For a long time, the members were unrecognized and appeared in Ninja Costumes/masks to conceal their identity during their live performances. Amusingly, ‘twoloud’ was a codename project of Hardwell and Tiësto. Many unknown performers tried this as their shot to fame by claiming they’re ‘twoloud’ which resulted in much confusion.  However, in mid-2014 all rumours were put to end when pictures of the duo were published where they’re half watching and being credited on their songs.


2 Faced Funks




The mysterious Dutch duo has kept all details about themselves a closely guarded secret since landing on the scene. They’re an upcoming duo signed to Armada music label. They stand out of the crowd because of their pink masks which they started wearing as a joke!


Their official Facebook page tells their story of how the duo took off with the help of a cheap marketing gimmick. These guys, who were already DJing for while, decided to throw a special birthday party. Bought some pink masks and advertised that they managed to book two world famous DJ’s. That night sold out completely, with 1500 people dancing to their set. (Wow!)  That was the moment when 2 Faced Funks project reached level 2.


They admit to have used several masks but in order to avoid the alien-image some people had of them, they reached to Rogier Samuels (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) who helped them design a more friendly looking, gentlemen kind-a of mask.






ZHU was a faceless producer and singer until now, who has been active since the beginning of 2014. The unknown artist was actually rumoured to be Disclosure after a track called ‘Moves Like Ms Jackson’ surfaced online. A lot of people thought that Disclosure had teamed up with Oukast ahead of their Coachella performance. But as it turns out, it was a work of ZHU! His other tracks on Soundcloud were positively received by blogs and reviewers covering electronic music. The first single from the EP, titled “Faded”, was released in March 2014 and was even nominated for a Grammy award! Before making music he deleted everything from his last.fm page to his Facebook which got replaced with new profiles and still are very empty. All his releases come with no portraits, no live performances or art works but merely bearing his intriguing ‘Z’ logo! Zhu opened up about himself slightly in an interview where he stated that “the project is all about art, and we try to make it about the songs and the response.

  On May 15, 2015, Zhu appeared on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 ‘After Hours’ show and contributed a 40 minute DJ mix, mostly consisting of unreleased remixes, and also announced the NIGHTDAY COLLECTION clothing line. During mid-2014 Steven Zhu remained anonymous, asking to be judged by his music alone. Even though we don’t have information about him and his personal life!






Not U2, UZ! This man is the face of modern Trap music! The name came out of no-where a few years ago and stood out racking up thousands of plays on each upload.  The deep sounding producer is currently earning more than any other Trap player today. Oh, and I don’t mean in monetary terms, I mean the respect quotient! Free downloads are the way to go these days, everyone gets the tracks and UZ’s sound is smashing dirty dance floors all over!  His most famous work is probably the ‘Trap Shit’ series that looked more like some experimental tracks off of a super producers hard drive that someone really organized for the kill.


But the question still stands, who is this mysterious guy? Is it Diplo’s Hip-Hop identity? Hardwell hiding behind a mask? Or an extra terrestrial resident?


Who knows?


Bonus:  KSHMR who has already reached a point which other producers can only dream of, he did it all staying unknown to the public. But he revealed his true identity putting an end to all doubts, during the Ultra Music Festival 2015 when he showed up at Tiesto’s live set where together they dropped the beat from their latest collaboration “Secrets.” 


Sidhantha Jain

I love EDM, it loves me back. It pays for my food bills.


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