5 Best Rock Bands of North East India

Posted at January 29th, 2015 | by Sapta.rishi | in Nightlife

Long before the indie music industry exploded or the average hipster attended the annual music festival, the North Eastern part of the country already had a thriving music culture that was peppered with heavy influences from the west. Starting way back in the 60s and 70s, North East India embraced the guitars, drums and gospel vocals instead of the stereotypical classical style and Bollywood that the rest of the country preferred. Led by pioneers like Lou Majaw and The Great Society, there was soon a gregarious expansion in the number of rock and metal bands that were emerging from the region. Today, the North East Indian music scene has carved a niche for itself and flaunts some of the most talented bands the indie scene has ever seen. Despite being plagued by issues related to lack of exposure, these bands make sure their voices are heard and have toured all over the country and abroad, headlining major gigs and gaining a wide fan base. Here’s a look at some of the best bands from North East India :




The flag bearers of the North East Indian musical talent, Soulmate is the brainchild of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tipriti ‘Tips’ Kharbangar and lead guitarist Rudy Wallang. Their impeccable blend of blues-rock that is catapulted by Tipriti’s heart-wrenching vocals and Rudy’s plethora of bluesy licks has made them a household name. Soulmate has been a part of numerous domestic and international music festivals like International Jazzmandu Festival, Mosaic Music Festival and Mahindra Blues Fest. They even opened for Carlos Santana during his India tour in 2012 and shared an on-stage jam with him.

Lucid Recess


A 3-piece alternative metal act formed in 2004, Lucid Recess was one of the first bands in the 2000s to emerge out of North East India and achieve universal acclaim with their catchy blend of angst-ridden music.They have been regulars at festivals like Hornbill and Fireball. In 2008 they released their EP Carved and followed it with their debut album Engraved Invitation. Taking influences from 90s-era grunge and alternative bands like Incubus, their music ranges from fast-paced crackers to slow acoustic ballads.

Digital Suicide

Digital Suicide

Digital Suicide hails from Guwahati and has some of the most eclectic mix of rock music in their discography. Comprising of Daniel Langthasa, Dpak Borah and RatanBordoloi, this alt-rock act plays a delightful blend of sing-along rock that is tinged with dollops of 80s era poppy disco themes. The songs boast strong grooves that are strengthened by a prominent bass guitar. Their simple yet surprising style of rock got them a slot in the Great Indian Rock 2010.

Girish and the Chronicles

Girish & The Chronicles

Around the mid to late 2000s, there was an oversaturated incline of bands aiming at the modern sound of present-day american metal. Just when there were too many bands with growled vocals and down-tuned 8-stringers, GirishPradhan and the Chronicles came out of nowhere and gave the scene the much-missed vintage style of hard rock and heavy metal. Influenced by glam metal bands like Guns N Roses and Skid Row, the band is spearheaded by vocalist GirishPradhan who possesses some of the best pipes ever heard in the country. The band performed spot-on covers in its early years but soon started churning out originals that fell in the category of classic heavy metal. 2014 was a milestone for them as they released their debut album to rave reviews.



Boomarang was formed in 2005 in Aizawl and label their music as ‘junk rock’ – explained as “a genre of music when you play whatever the hell you want” by the band members. Their music can be safely described as an aggressive mix of blues, rap and nu-metal. Starting out as an RATM cover band, their originals were gladly accepted by fans and made them a household name. After participating in Kohima’s National Rock Contest, they were introduced to Shomi Gupta of RSJ fame and soon got an offer to play at the Great Indian Rock. They were also among the bands who opened for Lamb of God in 2010 and also for Korn in2012.



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