4 defunct Indian metal stage acts that rocked the nation

Posted at March 16th, 2015 | by Sapta.rishi | in Nightlife

The early 2000s saw a shift in the music of the independent bands of the country, opting for a sound that is more aggressive and modern than the yesteryear sound of classic rock that bands followed in the 90s. A barrage of metal bands sprouted out of nowhere and were soon catapulted to new found glory that made them local heroes in the eyes of Indian metalheads. These bands took inspiration from their foreign counterparts but added their own uniqueness as well to create an admirable form of metal music that won them fans across the length and breadth of India. While some of them are no more, they paved the way for newer bands that led to the formation of a growing metal community in the country. Have a look:


Joint Family

Joint Family were a five-piece nu-metal from the capital city and decimated many a stage while enthralling crowds of thousands. Their strong groove-laden tracks from their album Hotbox became the anthems of metal lovers and led them to many victories in the college circuit. Tracks like Juggernaut and Drummer’s Advice are remembered even to this day.
Joint Family


Another Vertigo Rush

Popularly known as AVR, this progressive metal band was probably the first one in India to venture deep into the reaches of experimental metal and psychedelia. Their music consists heavily of ambient textures and guitar layering along with phenomenal drumming that holds the structures of the tracks. AVR gained a wide following with the release of their album Murphy’s Law and went ahead to perform in the Great Indian Rock. Their powerful live performances showcased the band’s knack towards channeling their music as an expression that would lift the audience off their feet and knock them back.



Pin Drop Violence
There is probably no metalhead in India who has not heard of the infamous Pin Drop Violence. In 2000, PDV exploded into the independent music scene here with their blistering unrelenting style of metal. The band created history by winning I-Rock 2001 and the first edition of Channel V Launchpad. They further went ahead to release two albums in 2004 and 2007 respectively. Scene veterans look up to PDV’s legacy even today as they were one of the first who established the now swift growing metal scene of the country.






Myndsnare was a Bangalore based band that served as a torchbearer to many progressive death metal bands that emerged after the latter half of the 2000s. They were heavily inspired by bands like Death and Cynic and not only won numerous competitions but also headlined many local gigs. The band also consisted of one of the best female drummers in India, Yasmin Claire Kazi. Their 2008 album Conditioned : Human exhibited the band’s best period with some of the best technical death metal tracks that has ever come out of the country.




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