12 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Smiths

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The Smiths are considered to be one of the most iconic bands of the entire music industry. They are credited with bringing Alternative indie-rock into the music scene in the 80’s. The hit song by them, “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” is considered to be one of the greatest ode to the human experience ever written.
So here are a few interesting facts about the iconic band.


1. Morrissey said that they came up with the name ‘The Smiths’ because it was the most ordinary name and it was time the ordinary people showed their faces.




2. All band members are actually from Manchester, England, though all of them have more Irish in them than British. Morrissey once claimed “We are more Irish than U2.”


3. Johnny Marr, the lead guitarist met his married his teenage sweetheart in 1986. They have a daughter, Sonny and a son, Nile.




4. Morrissey’s sexuality has long been a topic of debate. Many fans think that he was celibate till 2006, when Morrissey’s said that that was not a case from a long time. A lot of fans consider him gay while a lot of people say he is simply asexual.




5. The Smith’s fourth and final studio album, Strangeways, Here We Come, is supposed to be named after the Strangeway prison. Morrissey said in an interview, “I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up in there.”




6. The Smiths split up in 1987, after which all members pursued different musical careers and Morrissey and Marr stated that they will never reunite again.




7. Morrissey and Rourke are fans of Manchester United while Marr and Joyce are fans of Derby Rival, Manchester City.


8. Morrissey, a strict vegetarian from the teens, made the band abstain from meat and the band even urged their fans in their song “Meat is Murder” to abstain from meat too. He infamously stormed off stage in 2009 at Coachella as he claimed he could smell meat.




9. Morrissey met John Marr in 1982. He told the daily Mail that when he turned up at Marr’s doorstep in 1982, the connection felt instant, even though according to them they were complete opposites.




10. Bassist, Andy Rourke was temporarily fired from the band because of his alleged heroin addiction. Rourke claimed that Morrissey left a note on his car windscreen that read “Andy you have now left the Smith’s. Good luck.” Morrissey denies of the existence of any such note. Though, Rourke was called back into the band in just a fortnight.




11. Marr has contributed to the movie Inception in 2010 and also has released a solo debut album in 2013 titled The Messenger.




12. In 1989, drummer of the band, Milk Joyce sued both Morrissey and Marr for an alleged unpaid royalties of $1 Million dollars. The result was in favor of Joyce and Morrissey and Marr have both refused to speak to Joyce since the case has ended.




Kamakshi Bhat


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