10 Tracks to Pull You through an All-Nighter

Posted at August 11th, 2015 | by Sidhantha Jain | in

Staying awake late, waking up early, yawing all throughout the day, promising yourself to sleep at 10 and repeating it, is a vicious circle which an ordinary teenager can’t seem to escape. But sometimes, you do need to pull an all nighter for ‘n’ number of reasons and in my opinion you need the right soundtrack to help you charge up and just get over it!
Yeah, yeah, I’m no Apple Music curator but I just realised I have enough tracks on iPod to suggest that might help you stay awake for a little long! So, let’s begin:


Skrillex + Alvin Risk – Try It Out (Try Harder Mix)



Starting with the obvious one; Skrillex’s music is often described as “noise” by non-dubstep listeners, which according to them, has the capability to take away your sleep. The title in itself makes you want to ‘Try Harder’ to get you to the last slide of your next-morning-due presentation. You might not like him much, but he does help creating a ‘Transformers having sex’ image in your mind, making it difficult for your eye lids to close and help you endure for some five minutes and more in case if you’re not accustomed to the previous mentioned imaginations!


Tiësto & MOTi – Blow Your Mind



The clock strikes midnight, you’re spending time with your sweetheart over call or your right hand otherwise, when the class-group comes to life and the ‘CR’ reminds you of the submission scheduled for tomorrow’s first lecture. Forgetting everything, your current goal is to stay productive, awake and possibly sane, throughout the night. Trust me, those complicated Business Laws (commerce student, you see) are bound to doze you off, and when you’re just about to give up on your five marks this semester, crank up the volume to this bouncy electro-progressive-house-trap-whatever track from the elite duo of Tiesto and MOTI which changes its genre enough times to make you alert if you’re listening to the same track or you skipped a few minutes!


The Wanted – Chasing The Sun (Hardwell Remix)


The remix version of this song compels you to stay rouse, not because it creates any disturbing images in your mind but so you can sing along with the chorus and dance to the fun, and ‘not so The Wanted’ music. It has such an uplifting poise that it always makes you smile, and enables you to feel less bad about utilising the weekend for stupid drinking games. It’s only 11pm, you’ve gotta chase the sun until you finish your future-favourite novel!


Christina Novelli – Hold It Together (MaRLo’s Tech Energy Remix)


After clearing your class XIIth board exams, I don’t think you’ve spent all night doing anything productive other than binge watching some Hollywood TV series. After you’ve attended lectures for about a month you realise “College me padhai nai hoti” is as close to being true as “Sab kaam ek din pehele hi karte hain” being meaningless. It’s the first time when you actually procrastinated the whole week and waited till now to open the books. Tonight, all you need to do is dispense with the guilt and hold it together while you make your replica of the class goober’s file, in a state of trance!


Bare Noize – Nocturnal VIP



Finally, the entrance exam dates for post graduation courses are out and I guess you’re studying pretty hard for it, all day-all night. This piece from Bare Noize would help you go a bit longer if not the whole night, with the sick build ups and sicker dub-drops all in an alien theme background. Oh yeah, VIP here stands for ‘Variation in Production.’ And by the way, if you were to look up the meaning of ‘Nocturnal’ in the dictionary you kinda need to work a little on your ‘Verbal Ability’ section.


Steve Aoki feat. Waka Flocka Flame – Rage The Night Away


Seldom, the work doesn’t keep you up all night, it can be your motivation to work too and by that, I mean your beau. She’s having her monthly mood-swing thing and she won’t let you go offline! You want to be there for her but you don’t have enough caffeine to keep your humanly wet, that’s when the fruits of labour of both Steve Aoki and Waka Flocka Flame come together in the form of “Rage The Night Away,” to get some adrenaline going through your body! As soon as “Let your money stack!” hits, the Dim Mak boss returns with a heavy big-room drop decorated with stupendous noise and fierce rhymes! The vocals basically describe how you will spend your weekend with your current “headache!”


Charlie Clouser – Saw Theme Tune (toxiK Dubstep Refix)


Watching a movie like ‘Saw’ at the wee hours and waiting till you fall asleep is like accepting a band-aid from an executioner. If the motion picture wasn’t enough to blow your mind (both metaphorically and literally) we bring to you the first-rate ‘toxiK’ dubstep remix of the official theme! It starts off with a chilled out symphony and slowly builds up to transform itself into something which you might expect from a ‘there’s no sleep hereafter’ horror movie soundtrack. Personally, this is my favourite track on the list as it is beyond your mainstream Top 10 Beatport stuff.


Maison & Dragen – Hour Of The Wolf



According to the urban-legend, ‘Hour of the Wolf’ is referred to the time between night and dawn, usually somewhere around 3AM to 5 AM. It’s when the sleep is believed to be the deepest and the probability of photo exchange WhatsApp chats with bae is the highest, and also with the class-nerd during the nights when tomorrow’s the last day for internal assessment’s submission! Close to the 3:45 minute mark (co-incidence maybe) the wolf howls and marks its presence. The rapid groovy beat enters; helping you take your mind off the boring work, breaking the monotony and enabling you come back fresher as the tune on the song here re-invents itself after each previous verse!


Razihel & Aero Chord – Titans


You’re working at a good pace, copying your best friend’s assignment without understanding a single word, empty Redbull cans are piling at your study and suddenly, there’s no more fuel to keep you going! It’s two in the morning, no energy drink to reach out to and it feels like the perfect time to pay visit to the nearest 24×7 store. Sadly, you’re too drowsy to drive. That’s when hardcore-trap centred ‘Titans’ takes cue on your playlist; glass shattering bass, accelerated beats and typical Aero Chord music brings you back to your senses with all its might!


NERVO feat. Au Revoir Simone – Rise Early Morning


As it turns out, it’s your first class test at college and you’ve got to score the highest because a school topper can’t ever be a second to anyone. You tell your friends “Yaar me nai padh raha, cheating karlenge,” but you just cannot hit the hay without feeling irresponsible. Ultimately, you decide to explore the world of unknown formulae and dig up a few notes but damn, you have no idea what’s going on and boom! You’re asleep.
A tip of advice, before you start with the ‘risky’ expedition, set this NERVO track as your alarm tone for the next day as not matter how lethargic you might be feeling from last night, Mim and Liv’s beautiful vocals, meshed well with the musical style of Au Revoir Simone, it will provide you with a peppy start, making you invincible from the hardships you’re might face today (in case you’re not in good terms with the teacher’s pet or not ready with your cheat-sheet!)


Now that you’ve read our list, what night songs are on your “One extra mile” playlist? Please let us know in the comments section below!

Sidhantha Jain

I love EDM, it loves me back. It pays for my food bills.


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