10 Things That Happen When You’re Dating a Musician

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dating a musician

Get into a relationship with someone who hits your love cord with their serene voice sounds magical as ever but the reality could somewhat differ after you are done with free backstage passes and rounds of practice session.

Cool shows, love poetry sessions and guitar wielding for dates aren’t the only things that can keep the relationship on run for a long time. You have to get your hands on reality after the musical cupid settles down. So if you are prospecting to date a musician or are dating one, see as to what to cut off from your expectation list.

A relationship expert from the website Dating-Reviews.co.uk said “entering in to a romantic relationship with someone will always have profound effects, but when you’re dating a musician those effects are multiplied by a factor of ten as people from musical or creative backgrounds tend to be far more emotionally and creatively developed, and this really comes through when you’re in a relationship with one”.

Numbered here are 10 prominent things that will bring the reality under limelight when you’re dating a music artist.

  1. Pop up the volume!
    Don’t expect slow romantic music instead be ready for all pumped up sounds!
  2. Birthdays and Anniversaries
    Expect a song or lyrical poetry for every celebration. Hey Birthday? New song! anniversary? Another loop? Oh you are breaking up? Wait; another gig baby!
  3. Concert only Alert
    Though live music shows are always a hit with couples but the vibes aren’t always welcomed. If you concerts only outing being thrown at you, the alarm clock is already buzzing. See another side as to your partner only taking care of his interest areas.
  4. Money call baby!
    Make sure the music artist you are dating is earning enough or has a safer mode of earning apart from music. As to get the financial aspects sorted or to see a future together you two have a back up plan if the music gigs don’t reward him enough. Someone who eats pizza, plays two cords after every two hours and sits the whole day to write a single page of music notes, could turn out be a regret call later!
  5. Socials with Friends
    Going out with his friends at times means acknowledging another league of artist where you might feel trapped in a musical hullabaloo. His friends adore him more than you; of-course! His safer mode, alert!
  6. Special time
    Every relationship requires a quality time spent doing activities that both the partners enjoy or can relate to or have common interest in. So, when you are out with you musician date, expect to be treated like a guitar or be ready to hear the new lyrics.
  7. After Drink Activities
    After you are drunk and feel tipsy, you might want to go out dance or have a cozy time but he might want to play crazy records on his vintage music equipment, listen to his mix-tapes or play his guitar. Full Stop and end of the evening!
  8. Karaoke
    How could you do without having a Karaoke date with him? Be ready for one, always! If you have never tried it before, you will have to do it. Please, respect the music!
  9. Road Trips
    Road trips would kill you with those long favorite mix tapes and endless guitar session activities. Also, expect a lot of brain storming lessons as to why music sounds so good the entire day.
  10. Music Only Baby!
    Sooner or later you will realize that his love for music, guitar and everything in between is bigger than his liking for you and eventually you could either stop by for all the jazz or tune in with someone else for a better time ahead

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