10 Things Restaurants Should Stop Doing Immediately

Posted at September 6th, 2016 | by Tithi Mukherjee | in Grapevine

We have all been to restaurants and picked up on stuff that we’d much rather they didn’t have or do. From that dish you’ve never tried because it’s so damn difficult to pronounce, to blatant sexism, here is a list that almost covers each one of your restaurant pet-peeves and what restaurants should definitely avoid:

Stop trying to memorize the order

pic1It is very disconcerting for customers when they choose their dishes and no one is noting them down. There may be specifications that they should not miss. These details require the traditional, tiny notepad that is a promise that what you ordered is on it.


Asking how the food is, mid-bite

pic2You have almost said the beginning and just when you’re about to pop the question, there’s a smiling face breathing down your neck, with a pompous, “How’s the food Sir?” No. Interruption mid-meal is very irritating.


Ignoring modern restaurant marketing

pic3If it is raining like crazy and someone cannot get the blueberry mousse out of their minds, will you let them crave for it by not having an “Order Online” option for your restaurant? Be updated with social media.


Stop making a novel out of the menu

pic4No one cares about the vocabulary. They care about food that is simply but elegantly explained on the menu. A bunch of fancy ‘unnameables’ is really not going to help if the customer has to Google the name of the dish.


Avoid having every food item ever

pic5There are places that serve amazing Chinese and there are places that have the best North Indian. There is no need to bring everything under one umbrella. Focus on two or maximum three kinds of cuisines not five. As they say, too many cooks…


Blatant sexism

pic6It is 2016. There is no need to assume that the woman ordered the fruity drink and the man, a mean Jack Daniels. Politely ask which one is whose drink and avoid irking your customers.


Blatant sexism part 2

pic7There is also no need to automatically place the cheque in front of the man. Place it in the middle. Be neutral. Whoever is paying will pick it up themselves and you’ll avoid being a sexist person, so everyone’s happy.


Really high chairs

pic8The disco culture was great during the 90s and so were the really high, swirling chairs with hardly any space to fit yourself in. Comfortable chairs ensure the customers are relaxed and not worrying about falling to their faces after their fourth drink.


Really loud music

pic9This is something most restaurants should stop immediately. Even if it is a Saturday night, we’d still like to have conversations instead of pop music deafening us slowly.


Really dim lights

pic 10We’ve ordered our favourite dishes but we’d also like to see them and each others’ faces as we enjoy our meal. Dim lighting is a strict no-no. Know the balance between dim and downright dark!

Tithi Mukherjee


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