10 Rave Props every Dance Music fan MUST have

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The EDM culture has surely taken the world by storm over the last few years and this seems to have had a strong influence on others, more often than usual for the better. It has become a culture that has diversified from the mainstream notion of just plain music and has helped spread the four main principles that it stands by ‘Peace’, ‘Love’, ‘Unity’ and ‘Respect’ over time. Moreover, another sector of the EDM field that has surely evolved drastically over time and have truly helped usher in a new era of Electronic Dance Music has to undoubtedly be the Technology and Fashion.

So here is a list of 10 quirkiest products that ravers could possibly use to stand out as well as benefit from during a music festival.

1)Song Recognition Glasses

Something that most EDM fans can relate to is opening Shazam or SoundHound to recognize songs that we hear at a festival or party. But how awesome would it sound if fans could do the very same recognition without a phone or an app? Presenting the Song Recognition Sunglasses that not just do the usual task of protecting your eyes but have the ability to instantly send the track playing into a database for recognition.

2) Sound Sensitive T-Shirt

This product does not have any particular use besides that of a normal shirt, but it sure looks wild in a party and you can be rest assured you will stand out should you wear one of these beauties. It consists of a normal shirt with a Velcro patch that is sound activated with the help of a minute printed circuit board. The power source are 4 AAA batteries housed in a well concealed case which is placed in a pouch in the shirt.


One of the most popular and at times rather notorious items off late has to be the Selfie Stick and the GoPro mounted over it. Giving the best possible, point of view videos of various festivals and is also becoming a hot favourite among artists as well to document their performances, these handy, portable and exceptionally durable cameras are a sure must on our list.

4) Light up snapbacks

Once yet another product that serves a more aesthetic purpose rather than anything else but it sure does its good old job of saving you from those intense sun rays or even a slight drizzle. But this cap will surely amaze your fellow ravers with some neon, light up prints that can be customized to any font or design to your liking. And for a slightly higher price you can even get sound sensitive lighting.

5) Edible Kandi

Kandi has undoubtedly one of the most iconic merchandise which we can relate to the EDM culture. Over the past years ravers have come out with some creative and colourful forms of Kandi like bracelets, chains, face masks, bras, under wear and what not but it has been confined to just plastic beads. But now however the time has come to take it a notch higher and make them out of edible candy ! Yes, you sure read that right. Why not share the same fun as well as keep a backup munchie for yourself at the festival?

7) Hydration Energy Tablets

All the partying and celebrations inevitably leaves ravers dehydrated more often than usual and this is sure to take a toll on their health. It is prudent for ravers to stay hydrated throughout the event no matter what and so scientist have come up with these innovative energy tabs tablets which are stocked with necessary vitamins and minerals , making them just the right solution for a healthy party experience.

8) Kaleidoscope Luminescence Diffraction Glasses

This beauty is your chance to experience an unparalleled visual treat like never before. Don’t be fooled as these classes are like no other, consisting of multi-faceted laser-cut glass crystals within high quality frames. This spectacle can enable infinite visual sensations, making it the ideal representation of the saying “Large things come in small packages”.

9) Sound Charge T-Shirts

Well this shirt has surely got to be the product of the future and a scientific marvel indeed. Most of us just hate it when our phones die out during a concert as we loose out on the chance to take videos, Shazam songs and loads more, but here is the solution to all these woes, a trendy T-shirt that houses a charging unit that gains power based on the sound energy from the music. A perfect example of how fashion, technology and music can work hand in hand and do wonders.

10) Mobile App to find Ravers

Music festivals and concerts bring together people from around the world, from different countries and with different religious beliefs but with one common interest – Music. It is this beautiful entity that unites ravers and one great way for people to get to know each other and bond even after the festival is with the help of various apps that helps find fellow ravers and ignite a friendship that lasts forever.

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