10 Indian Psychedelic Trance Artists You Should Know About

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Psychedelic Trance’, the first thing these two words would remind someone is Goa. The trippy nights in Goa with the aid of Marijuana is something that everyone wants to experiment at least once. But it was not until the late 1980s when the pioneers of psychedelic music at the time Laurent and Fred Disko popularised the sounds of Europe in Goa. This unique and specific sounds based in Goa is what gave birth to Goa Trance. A combination of transcending hypnotic music and electronic sounds is what the composition of Psychedelic Trance or Psy Trance is. Ever since the rise, top artists like Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom and other dominated the psy-trance scene in Goa. Although the genre erupted in India, this trippy music is commercialised worldwide over the years and has been exponentially growing ever since.

Here are a few Indian Psychedelic Trance artists along with some of their best tracks you should know about:

Aghori Tantrik

A musical project started off by Sid, better known as DJ MadBoySid who started producing at the age of 14 and is the country’s most sought after psychedelic trance artist!

Farebi Jalebi

Ever since 2008, Adip also known as Farebi Jalebi has been producing really melodic and dramatic psychedelic tunes with his heavy basslines expressing powerful emotions. He surely has his own definition and style when it comes to Psy Trance.


If you are looking for some deep and dark psy trance music, this is the man. Varun Anand started off his project named Paraforce solely wanting to express the Gothic tale of Malana and Parvati valley.


Electronic sounds with progressive thumps and several rises and falls born in Goa is what Gidra is. A native of Goa, Thomas started off this project back in 2003 and has been helping people trip ever since.

Silent Horror

A psychedelic trance artist having a distinct and producing very powerful tracks, Jigar Shah has been in the industry for a long time. Following the success of his debut album named Nemesis, he went on to successfully accomplish the first ever psychedelic trance album made at sea, Séance.


Sumith Suresh, the owner of Occulta Record Group has been the man behind India’s electronic psychedelic export. He’s the only Indian to have toured various clubs around the world playing his psychedelic productions helping the country in expanding and diversifying the psy trance scene.

Flipknot/Kerosene Club

Brian Fernandes is one of the lead psychedelic trance producers in the nation. His two projects Flipknot and Kerosene Club keenly prick the groovy and furious beats along with very unique and definitely non-ubiquitous brain rattling sounds.

White Wizard

Sandeep Sharma aka White Wizard focuses on night-time psychedelic music spreading the trippy vibes around the clubs all around the country. He also produces techno beats under his aliases.


Starlab is a psychedelic trance project started by Bharat from New Delhi who bases his style of music on a classical note. Trained in classical music and also having learnt the guitar, he sure is a mastermind and never fails to impress his crowd. In addition to the various clubs he’s played at, Bharat has also played in Portugal, Thailand, Nepal and the United States.

Sonik Scizzor

Having released over 50 tracks over the years, La or Sonik Scizzor has been recognised to have produced some of the best psy trance songs and has also collaborated with many International psy trance artists such as Kindzadza, Zik and many others.



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