If you swear by the words ‘sleep is for the weak’ and still manage to doze off after a double espresso during the eleventh hour then you’ve been pushing yourself way too much or you give no friggin duck (damn, autocorrect) about what’s happening, anywhichway, you can crank up the following playlist and hope to go on a little longer.. (it might come in handy on your date night as well 😉 )
We know, there are only ten tracks in here and we need you guys to tell us your anti-sleep anthem, so comment below or DM us on Instagram @grapevineonline now! We also did a similar list before, which you can check out here!

1. Young Again

2. Bass Drop▶ 3:06

3. Pokemon

4. Don’t Let The Pain Get In The Way

5. This Is A Test

▶ 6:38


6. Chase The Sun

7. Grizzly

8. More

9. Messiah

10. Nighthawk