Not every soul would agree but Mumbai is the most exquisite city when it comes to nightlife. They’ve got everything one can possibly need after the clock strikes 9, ludicrous decors, exuberant dance floors, amazing gigs, drinks flowing for the entirety of the night and then some. Check out our top picks of nightclubs for you to party it up in below.

1. Playboy

Playboy is a brand synonymous with the entertainment industry, but their nightclubs really are a work of art. They just got here and their first pet-project was set up in Hyderabad and the next one in Mumbai. Extravagant would be an understatement to elucidate this phenomenal nightclub. It is certainly top of the line as one could find many stars that reside in the city rolling here on a Saturday night. They’ve made sure Hugh Hefner’s legacy lives on.

Location: Birla Centurion, Gate 2, PB Marg, Worli, Mumbai

2. Tryst

Tryst is the kind of place you decide to pop in for a couple of drinks but end up staying the course of the night. They have an unbelievable design from LED pastures all around the club which just light up the place while keeping it dark to the music, drinks and elevated VIP tables, everything is top class.

Location: Skyzone, Phoenix Mill Compound, High Street Phoenix, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel West, Mumbai

3. Trilogy

A top-class chic nightclub with a futuristic concept Trilogy is all class through and through. It starts off with a wooden bar on level and leads to a glittering staircase where the lounging area is which in turn leads to a gigantic dance floor. Located in Juhu, the crowd and the ambiance is nothing but class.

Location: Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai.

4. Aer

If we had to use a word to describe this place then that would unequivocally be – chic. Glamorous decor and staggering ambiance has done wonders for this place. One can also see celebs rolling in & out every now and then.

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, 1/136, 34th Floor, Dr. E. Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai.

5. Kitty Su

The Kitty Su chain in The Lalit spans over 3 cities in the country with a couple more ready to be unleashed soon. The Mumbai one is the most chic nightspots in the cities and the most luxurious upholstery that money can buy, Kitty Su oozes class.

Location: Airport Road, The Lalit Building, Andheri East, Mumbai.

6. Liv

Liv is the perfect place when you’re torn between having a chill night out while sitting and pounding alcohol or going HAM on the dance floor. The music & drinks are flowing all night and the food here is exceptionally good for a nightclub. The place starts to fill up on Saturday, they also play Bollywood every now and then.

Location: Plot No. 145, Kala Ghoda, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mumbai.

7. Hype

Another great pick among one of the most exclusive places in the city. Located in the heart of South Mumbai, Hype is a beacon to celebs quite often. Hype is the creation of Aqeel Ali, so more often than not you’ll hear some Bollywood numbers. The ambiance is always buzzing and cocktails are something you’ve got to try.

Location: Atria – The Millenium Mall, Dr Annie Besant Rd, Lotus Colony, Worli, Mumbai.

8. Skky

One of the most scenic views you’ll explore in the city with buildings on one side and hills on the other, Skky has the perfect atmosphere to take that special someone out for a meal. They also have an open kitchen with some mucho talented chefs that you can gaze at doing what they do so well.

Location: Ramada, 16/17, Paspoli, Saki Vihar Road, Powai, Mumbai

9. Shiro

If you think even remotely like a gazelle and need your space when you dine then this is the place to be for you. Located in Worli, Shiro is the ideal bohemian restaurant for a Japanese-centred Asian cuisine. Sushi & Crystal dumplings are a must try.

Location: Wadia International Center, Bombay Dyeing, Pandhurang Budhkar Marg Worli, Mumbai

10. Exo

Exo is one of the most extravagant clubs on this side of the city, everybody is treated like a VIP not just the actual VIPs; that’s just how perfect the staff is. This is the perfect place if you wanna pound alcohol and dance away. And if you’re lucky enough to get a table near the window, there’s no way you’d be disappointed.

Location: The St. Regis, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai