Tomorrowland 2017 which will presumably be hosted in July as usual is opening their pre-registration for the Tomorrowland ticket sales on the 10th of January 2017! If you want to get your hands on a ticket for the 13th edition of Tomorrowland in Belgium, you’ll need to pre-register, starting from 10 January 2017, 9:30 PM IST on With the link that you will then receive by e-mail, you can buy a ticket shortly, so pre-registration is absolutely essential. But remember, pre-registration is no guarantee that you’ll be able to get a ticket, it simply grants access you to the ticket sales.

All information on tickets and the various Global Journey and DreamVille formulas will be released on 10 January (10 AM CET) on the website, and then, on 21-22-23 and 28-29-30 July 2017, a new chapter of the magical fairytale will be written in Boom (Belgium). Here’s a nice little bonus: the first 20 people to register from each country will also have the chance to immediately purchase their tickets for Tomorrowland 2017. So, hurry up!

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