So most of these tracks are really popular for whatever reason, and that actually turns out to be the reason why they are so annoying now. Some didn’t deserve to even be heard by mass public, but I’m not hating on anyone’s music choices, these are just 10 tracks that make me want to tear my hair out when they’re played now!

1. How did this even become popular?!


2. Simple because ridiculously overplayed.


3. Wait, why did we think this nursery rhyme is good?


4. Huh?! Maybe she’s smoked too much weed.


5. The most disappointing Bieber song in recent times.


6. The blonde video doesn’t help either.


7. What does this song even mean?!


8. Ew, just no.


9. Why is this super depressing at all on the charts?


10. I love Justin. But this was just SO corny.