Scottish DJ/ Producer Jack Eye Jones is doing his second India tour this year and along with homegrown talent Carnivore he’s released a brilliant new track on IBZ Records. The track is called Taj – e – Utsav and features the symphonic vocals of Hindi singer Hina Fatima. The track was released on 16th December and hit the 1 million views mark on YouTube in just 3 days!

Hindi vocal chops are a big fad in dance music right now and this is the sort of powerful collaboration that definitely has the potential for a massive main stage anthem. Here is what the artists have to say about it, “Taj – e – Utsav, puts you right in the heart of the biggest music festivals in India, forgetting the thousands around you, where Fatima sings in Hindi about her mad love for someone. She wants this person to come and fulfil her quest for love and only then she will be the happiest. Add in a vast variety of Hindi classical sounds, a drop that will have the crowd scream in agreement that Fatima should fulfil her desire, and here you have a possible future anthem.”

You can download the track here and check it out below!