What Are Superfans & Why Do Artists Need Them?

Posted at March 1st, 2017 | by Sidhantha Jain | in

To begin with, Superfans are your best friends! However, as it easy it seems to define one, it isn’t. If you Google this term, the most relevant description you’d find is “a person who has an extreme or obsessive admiration for a particular person or thing.” Talking in practical terms, a Superfan is anyone who takes pride in your brand, is committed to whatever you put out and generates a social buzz about the same. Why? Simply because they love you! Not only that, they filter out the negativity and help achieve equilibrium in this saturated industry filled with biased “experts.” That in itself sounds ironical no? Actually, he/she just validates your work better than you can endorse it yourself! In my opinion, being a Hardwell fan myself, he has one such fan base. No matter what he produces, be it an absolute banger or a subpar production, there’ll be a specific set of people who’ll love it. Why? Because Superfans! (To be honest, Robbert needs to go back to his roots instead of blindly following the current trends.)

Now, as a budding artist, you might be thinking how do I find Superfans? The answer is, you don’t! You are not required to have a millions of followers right away. Creating a niche for yourself and focusing on a specific target market is required. One of the best examples in the contemporary EDM scene is Illenium, who is making it big by creating melodic bass music and there’s no stopping him. A sick combination of uniquely fresh beats, second-to-none stage presence and a dedicated fan base has helped him attain massive success ever since the inception of his young brand.

Spending a ton of cash can get you thousands of “fans” in a jiffy but if you think they’ll propel your career and be the backbone of your discography, think again! A staggering number of likes and comments on your latest post do look impressive, except, if they’re inorganic, they’re pragmatically useless. Saying that you’re unsuccessful because your followers aren’t in six digits at the moment is similar to claiming an editor of a national daily is incompetent for the job as he carries a B2 in the language section of his class 12th boards mark-sheet! Artists like Skrillex started by handing out free music to his small group of followers and look where it got him! Always remember, numbers mean absolutely nothing. Technically, not nothing, we’ll get back to that later.

Who likes a handful number of people engaging with a project you worked for more than a year? No one I suppose. Agreed, numbers are motivational, yet, you need to look it at from a different perspective. You may only receive around 100-150 likes on every post, that doesn’t mean your content isn’t amusing enough, it means you have hundred-odd Superfans! Start thinking positively. While everyone is looking at the bigger picture, concentrate on how to multiply these numbers gradually. All you need to do is, start captivating those whom you have instead of ignoring them and chasing absurd statistics. Every person you’re interacting with is a potential Superfan. Make sure, you never ever reject support from anyone and always appreciate the effort.

Assuming the fact that you’re over the numbers game, you need to keep in touch with your followers. Asking The Chainsmokers or Tiesto to do this personally is quite pointless for obvious reasons, still, they make sure they’re active enough on social media to keep the fire burning. You want to engage with everyone you can for the sole motive of discovering your Superfan. You never know, that one person could be the one that changes your whole life for the better! If you’re contemplating whether you should invest so much time in them, remember, they’re also sparing time from their lives to give your new Soundcloud mix a listen! Basically it’s a barter system. Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya sets a very profound illustration here; he regularly organizes free shows, does genuine give aways and the most significant one being, he interacts with his fans regularly! Correction: Superfans

Back to square one, numbers. It’s going to be really hard to live off a career if you don’t have repeating customers or a solid reputation albeit you can’t entertain those few fans all your life right? What do you need then? More Superfans! Consider the following scenario where you’ve got ten die-hard listeners who absolutely love you and attend every gig of yours. We know that’s not enough to sell out an event, nevertheless, it’s a start. These ten fans will upload stories on Snapchat, post Selfies with India’s answer to Martin Garrix in the making on Instagram and ‘check-in’ on Facebook during your show. Slowly and steadily, their friends might engross themselves and before you know, voila, you’ve doubled your Superfans! That’s the snowball effect for you in a nutshell.

To sum up my argument, I’d like to say, majority of your success is going to come from your Superfans. You need to keep them forever. If you feel this piece makes any sense, “Like” this post and share it with your artist-friends. Let them know you’re their Superfan!
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Sidhantha Jain

I love EDM, it loves me back. It pays for my food bills.


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