Sound Simplify is doing a showcase on Saturday, the 18th of February with Patrice Bäumel of Amsterdam. His energetic sets are his trademark, and Bäumel calls his sound “techno music for grown-ups.” He’s played at a lot of amazing clubs and stages across the world and has some killer residencies in Amsterdam. Signed onto KompaktBäumel is coming to India to do a showcase with support from some great acts; Ash Roy, Sequ3l, and Between Us.

Ash Roy is one of India’s leading techno artists and this is his last show here before he heads to the Awakenings Festival, one of the world’s largest, outdoor, techno events along with Arjun Vagale. Hailing from Calcutta, he’s released music on many illustrious record labels and performed across the worlds. Seque3l is Nakul Ambilkar from Pune, who launched his project in 2013 and has been steadily rising in his field, dabbling in Progressive House and Techno. BETWEEN US is a combination of two of young passionate musicians from Hyderabad, who came from different musical backgrounds but found their Deep Electronica/ Melodic Techno sound together.

The showcase with all these artists is at the renowned Playboy Club in Hyderabad which is known for it’s high quality events and it’s one of the best night life venues in the city. So if you’re in town on Saturday then it’s definitely where you should be this Saturday night as it’s going to be an event to remember! You can check out more details on their event page.