We see all these wildly extravagant festivals around the world but which is at the top of the gestapo? Chances are it’s not the one you’re thinking off right now. The Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland is the most prodigal festival in the world. And it’s nothing like your generic music festival.

Secret Solstice kicks off this June at the 2nd largest glacier in Europe. Yes, you read that right it’s going to take place inside the Langjökull glacier. Only 100 exclusive guests will get a chance to attend this once in a lifetime event. The full lineup hasn’t been announced yet but the attendees will have to choose from 2 DJ shows and an acoustic one.

Check out the lineup video below. Foo Fighters, Rick Ross, The Prodigy and many more will be headlining.

Normal tickets are almost ₹2 lakhs a pop and Super VIP extends to almost ₹14 lakhs.