Believe it or not, this actually happened! Pune‘s Vaishali Karunn got so addicted to Badshah‘s latest track ‘Mercy’ that she couldn’t stop listening to it for a whole day and night. Her neighbours complained about the music constantly blasting from her house, but Vaishali refused to listen. They had to eventually call the cops and they turned up to sort out the commotion, which is when the 28 year old deigned to turn off the music so as not to be arrested. Her parents had to apologize on her behalf to stop it from becoming a scene.

We reached out to Vaishali to verify that this actually happened and she confirmed that she’s so in love with the track that she couldn’t help herself! We admit it’s catchy, but this level of obsession is unwarranted and hazardous. But fans are fans and if you haven’t heard this song yet, it’s time now.