There’s an unreleased Martin Garrix and Ed Sheeran collaboration that’s been doing the rounds for a while now and we’ve been waiting for it since the first version of “Rewind, Repeat It” was premiered at Ultra two years ago and another version just a year back.


In a radio interview with Coen & Sander, Garrix discussed many things and the future of this collaboration was amongst it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the release is happening anytime soon Garrix said, “It’s all label issues and a lot of headaches…it was going to be an official track… but the label delayed the track because they wanted to release other tracks from Ed first.” That would be rather frustrating for both artists, which Garrix confirmed when he said, “I didn’t release a radio single for 5-6 months, so then you get annoyed. So I don’t think we’re ever going to release the track.”

Source: YourEDM