You may have heard of Sohrab Nicholson, the singer-songwriter from Bombay, as he’s been quietly accumulating gigs and accolades over the past couple of years. His 2014 debut EP For What was critically acclaimed because of the lush piano chords and Nicholson’s soulful, restrained vocals. His style and voice have been compared to artists like James Blake and Joni Mitchell, and we’re totally loving his style. Sohrab had been wanting to release an EP for a while and it happened quite organically. He went to Cotton Press Studio, who he had heard did interesting work in indie as well as commercially. There he met Rohan Ramanna and they started bouncing ideas with each other and it took off from there. The idea behind it was simply to tell a few stories while incorporating elements of different music like jazz and electronic.

Sohrab has an impressive background in music as he grew up in Pune playing the piano from a young age. He perfected his talents at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada where he played the piano and studied jazz for 4 years. According to him, getting signed onto KRUNK had a lot to do with being at the right place at the right time, “I played the EP for my good friend and now manager Sohail Arora from KRUNK, with no intention of him signing me because as far as I understood, KRUNK signed mostly dance/electronic musicians. It so happened that he had been working on launching a series of monthly sit down concerts at the NCPA. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to launch the EP, given the kind of music it is.”

After releasing his EP, he gave a debut live performance with electronica artist Sandunes which happened at the NCPA Experimental Theatre in Mumbai was with his band members; Rohan Ramanna, Jehangir Jehangir, and Stuart D’Costa. The band is simply called ‘Nicholson’ and they are self-described as an ‘electro-organic’ outfit.


Nicholson’s music is mostly electronic. They use loops, synths, and quite a bit of production for their live shows. There are organic elements as well like live drums, bass, guitar, and it’s an intense set-up. They don’t write genre specifically and are influenced by a lot of different kinds of music. It’s like electronic music in a live band singer-songwriter setting.

Sohrab’s second EP ‘Cold Water‘ is a short one consisting of 3 tracks. It includes remixes of ‘Cold Water’ and ‘For What’, and a single ‘With All’. It’s melancholic and melodious and we want a lot more form this brilliant artist. Check it out below.

Nicholson has played at a lot of stages all across the country, including music festivals like NH7 Weekender and Magnetic Fields Festival. He’s been actively touring, so if you keep a lookout you can catch him soon.