Parvaaz is a psychedelic rock band from Bangalore and they’ve built up a following across the country because of their infectious sound and live performances. They recorded their first ever DVD for a live performance called Transitions in July 2015 at the Jagriti Theater in Bengaluru which has a capacity of 200 people. The film was made by Gokul Chakravarthy and the band’s guitarist Kashif Iqbal admitted that they were pretty nervous during the filming. The 90 minute Transitions performance is phenomenal and Chakravarthy said, “I think getting out of one’s comfort zone from time to time is absolutely essential for every human to do and that is all the truer for artists. Nervousness comes with that territory. However it came out, I wanted that to be captured and portrayed as such in the final cut.”

The DVD is to showcase the evolving sound of Parvaaz, from their 2012 bluesy debut Behosh to the poetic Baran of 2014 and mellow new tracks like “Shaad” and “Colour White.” During the performance they invited album collaborators like violinist Sanjeev Nayak, keyboardist Rauf Abdul, and singer Alexis D’Souza for some of the tracks.

Although it’s available to stream on YouTube, 100 limited-edition DVDs along with USB pen drives will go on sale in May. Chakravarthy is also working on a documentary on Parvaaz which is slated to be completed in June. He says. “While most documentaries in this space look back at long careers of musicians and bands, I wanted to capture a time in the life of a band that is essentially a sort of a limbo, where a promise of a fulfilling future coexists with a restless and uneasy present. The film will be unable to end with a closure because no one knows how things will go for the band from here and in that sense, it will be demanding on the viewer.”