The musical community is well known for displaying their unique fashion sense, especially at festivals and such. Indian artists don’t shy away from putting their artsy selves on display when they’re on stage, and it definitely inspires attendees to rock their own unique ensembles. We scoured recent festival pictures for some kooky looks that caught our eye, and found quite a bit of cool stuff in the NH7 Weekender and Magnetic Fields Festival albums. From some outrageous, crazy outfits, to an chic, understated style, here are some artists that caught our eye!

Suyasha SenGupta of Ganesh Talkies @ NH7 Weekender
Parekh & Singh @ NH7 Weekender
Saba Azad of Madboy/Mink @ NH7 Weekender
Kavya Trehan of MOSKO @ NH7 Weekender
Vivaan from Ankur & The Ghalat Family @ NH7 Weekender
Swarathma @ NH7 Weekender
Rahul Ram of Indian Ocean @ NH7 Weekender
Sid Vashi @ NH7 Weekender
Jivraj Singh AKA Jiver @ NH7 Weekender
Alo Wala @ Magnetic Fields Festival
Delhi Sultanate & Begum X @ Magnetic Fields Festival
Monica Dogra @ Magnetic Fields Festival