There has been pretty promising proof for a while that Marshmello is indeed Dotcom, and now there’s another bit of ‘accidental’ evidence out there on the internet. Feed Me posted a picture on his Instagram of someone else donning the mello mask and you can see an all-white clad Dotcom in the mirror reflection, very clearly matching the mask. Of course the whole thing could be engineered, or ‘accidentally’ leaked to keep the talk going, so it’s high time that Marshmello should just officially announce his identity instead of doing antics with artists pretending to him like he did with Tiesto. Check out the screenshot of the Insta story below.

If this isn’t convincing enough, check out all the other proof that has been previously gathered about Marshmello = Dotcom. Even DeadMau5 called him out on it. We love the masked man, but it’s high time he reveals himself!