If you’ve seen the movie Avatar then you surely wish to experience a part of that beauty firsthand. Well it may not actually be magical, but the Fireflies Festival is Purushwadi definitely feels like it. Situation 200 kms from Mumbai, the village is home to millions of fireflies that settle there and light up during their mating season which is in May. It falls under the Akole block of Ahmednagar, and an organisation called GrassRoutes takes care of the village’s tourism since a while now. Inhabited by the ‘Hindu Mahadeo Koli’ tribe, it’s one of those untouched, ethereal places that is a must visit before it becomes a tourist swamp.

The nearest railway stations are Kasara (95 kms away) and Igatpuri (85 kms away) from where you can hop onto a bus or hire a car and drive yourself there. Don’t forget to carry some insect repellent and the general things you need to take when visiting an outdoorsy place. GrassRoutes takes care of the whole experience and you can look up more about this on their website here.

Source: LBB, Mumbai