Ferris Wheel Studios is a top class recording studio and film production organisation and they’re starting a YouTube series called ‘Ferris Wheel Jams’, where musicians from different styles and genres will come together for cool renditions of their favourite tracks. Their latest offering is a unique cover of the ever popular ‘Shape Of You’, an Ed Sheeran track that seems to have taken over the music industry with remixes and covers by artists like Major Lazer, Galantis, and a lot of others.

Ferris Wheel Jams has picked up 7 brilliant artists from the Indian music industry to help create this quirky rendition. Forerunner of the project Mukul Jain has picked up some really diverse talent for this jam; electronic prodigy Sahil Sharma AKA Zaeden on the guitar, finalist of reality tv show ‘The Stage’ Kamakshi Khanna and GIMA nominee Chetan Dominic Awasthi on vocals. We also have upcoming house music producer Sachin Sharma on the sampler, Dinero Ash on the Djembe, and Srijan Mahajan on drums as he’s well known for the same with Parikrama, Half Step Down, FuzzCulture, and Cyanide.

If you pack such a big handful of raw talent and creativity in one room, then something brilliant is sure to come out and that’s what we see in this beautiful cover. Everyone seems to be really enjoying being a part of this, pouring their energies into a cover that is definitely going to be remembered. We hope to see a lot more work like this from Ferris Wheel Jams, so check it out below and tell us what you think!