Food is true love. Now that we agree with this, we must also agree that food fests are the best things ever. From street food to gourmet dishes, here are the 10 best food fests in India one must not miss:

1. Bandra Wine Festival, Mumbai

Other than a wide range of wines from all over the world, this fest features entertainment such as a wine information session, a wine-tasting contest, an art show and a live performance. You don’t need to bring your own dabba of food, because there will be food stalls and lots of cheese to pair with the wines you taste.

Date: 7-8 November

2. Sula Fest, Nasik

This is not just a wine tasting event, it is an entire experience of its own, with music concerts and food stalls. Chef Morgan Rainforth will be there, whipping up delicious dishes out of his special menu.

Date: TBA

3. National Street Food Festival, Delhi

Organized by NASVI, this food fest brings together the best of Indian street food in one iconic stadium, the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Date: TBA

4. The Grub Fest, Pune

After the massive success of the Grub Fest in Gurgaon in 2015, there are going to be versions of this all over the country. Sumptuous dishes from renowned restaurants, get a chance to taste internationally acclaimed chefs, here!

Date: 19-21st February

5. Annapoorna World of Food India, Mumbai

This three day expo brings together everything related to food and beverages under one roof.  Live cooking and wine tasting sessions to be held.

Date: 22nd-24th September

6. Bengaluru Food Festival

An assortment of cuisines and experiences to enjoy. Last year this event had 100 live demonstrations including DIY cooking sessions. This event is young and a lot of fun!

Date: TBA


7. New Delhi Palate Festival

Restaurants from around the capital set up camp to titillate your taste buds. This is a free event along with cooking classes, set in the beautiful Nehru Park.

Date: 28-30 November

8. Asian Hawkers Market, New Delhi

Celebrating Asian cuisine, be prepared to sample everything from sushi all the way down to satay. The festival hopes to promote foods from the Far East with several restaurants taking part to simulate the feel of a night-market with hawker carts and live demonstrations.

Date: 23-25 October

9. Grub Fest, Delhi

With several participating restaurants and many foodies excited about visiting, the second run of New Delhi’s Grub Fest is expected to surpass last year’s event. Get set for all your favourite brands and restaurants under one roof.

Date: 23-25 October

10. 10 Heads Festival, Gurgaon

The 10 Heads Festival features ten types of festivals all happening in one arena. This includes two festivals for food and drink respectively. While Foodistan aims to introduce the best kinds of gastronomy from India and abroad, Toddy Fest hopes to get you tipsy on some sexy mixology.

Date: 23-25 October