Tarush and Lakshya started out as Alpha X Omega in 2012 when they were still in high school. The 17 year old boys have worked hard in their few years in the industry, striving to make good music and honing their production and DJ skills in the process. Their latest collaboration with American singer/songwriter Dylan Matthew is a lush pop track called “You & I”.

15747859_1284400858249332_2215920637153113170_nThe track is simple yet catchy, focusing on meaningful lyrics centred around a typical heartbreak tale. A boy’s quest to get his girlfriend back and to convince her that they still belong together. The track has soft guitar chops perfectly complement Matthew’s steady voice. Check out the track below and tell us what you think!

We’ve even featured the track in our recent playlist of the week, and if you like it, then check out more of Alpha X Omega on their Facebook, SoundCloud, and Instagram!