If you live in India and you haven’t heard of A.R. Rahman and his music, then you’re living under a rock. The maestro has composed a lot of brilliant music in his many years in the industry. He has a splendid voice and is one of the most well-known and revered musicians on India, having won many international accolades. It’s Rahman’s 50th birthday today, and to commemorate his musical contributions, here are reasons why he’ll always be truly iconic.

1. He’s won many awards like Oscars & Grammys


2. He was part of this epic moment on stage with Coldplay

3. He did this super cute live post for his Birthday


4. THIS whole movie OST


5. He has his share of International projects


6. He’s involved in a number of charitable causes


7. His work is extremely diverse


8. *Vande Mataram*