It goes without saying that any artist , musician or producer puts in hours of hard work and relentless determination into completing a song . However , it is but natural for them at some point  to just lack that spark that drives them , thereby becoming victims of  the dreaded writer’s block .

Staying positive at such times , on the other hand , always pays off and so here are 10 possible ways to inspire such talented individuals to get back on track.

1. Change of environment

The first point is a pretty general remedy for any issue for that matter . Should you find yourself in the situation where you just cant seem to kickstart a new project or even progress through an existing one , leave the studio and head to a new environment . One could even draw ideas from nature or even another artists work .

2. Pick a theme and follow it

Selecting the right theme is of foremost importance and acts as a foundation for initiating your project . It could based on emotions running through your mind , personal experiences or even something that inspires or interests you.

3. Select a melody or vocal to start with

This can be a rather challenging task as you get set out to start a new project .It solely depends on how you would prefer you song to begin. If you are more inclined to working on a melody first , then try sitting down with your instrument , zero in on a basic melody and develop on that . And if you prefer the latter , get your scratch pad out and jot down your thoughts. You could refer use a rhyming dictionary or thesaurus for help.

4. Experiment with an Instrument or a MIDI Keyboard

If you play an instrument , then nothing like it , head to that one place where your ideas begin to flow and begin jamming . And if your not too adept with instruments , fret not , play around with the various notes until you hear something cool . Also , a useful hack would be to use the Ableton’s scaling device that prevents you from hitting the wrong notes.

5. Set a Drum section

Instead of staring at a blank screen and hoping for a tune to set in , set a loop of 4 or even 8 bars of various drums and then see where your imagination takes you by building up on that.

6. Use another Project as a basis

Drawing inspiration from other tracks is perfectly okay . You could probably begin with a similar intro , with different plugins and samples however , and ideas should start coming in there after.

7. Older track as a starting point

Its advised to constantly keep jotting down your ideas be it lyrics or even basic beats or tunes , as should a time such as this occur , you can always look back at a previous unfinished project and build up on it .

8. Collaborate with other artists

Working with another like minded individual definitely has its perks. You will be more target oriented , ideas will constantly flow and its a great way to learn new things and share your ideas too.

9. Use a different plugin

If your not able to work with an existing synth that you have , download new synths or effects which could possibly help you build up on an idea . However , too many plugins might complicate the process too , so try not to go overboard.

10. Constantly keep learning

The Internet has indeed made our life way more simple and if your stuck at some point , watching YouTube tutorials or even some Master classes by reputed artists can really pay off .