3lau is one of the most unique producers in the game. From back in the day when he started off by producing mashups from his college dorm up until now he has had this spark, this essence that hasn’t changed. He started his own charity label, blume this past year. Let us look back at some of his tracks on his 25th birthday.

1. How You Love Me ft. Bright Lights


2. Fire (ft. NEONHEART)

3. Bang (Tiesto Bootleg)

4. Alive Again


5. Don’t Let Me Down (3lau Remix)


6. Jagger Bomb


7. Runway (T-Mass Remix)


8. We Came To Bang feat. Luciana


9. Is It Love (ft. Yeah Boy)


Ariana Grande – Into You (3lau Remix)

10. Five Voices